1. poormansporsche

    Todays run in with Rozzers ...

    Whilst going round a signal controlled roundabout I spot a cyclist approaching from my left. Headphone wearing Cyclist blantantly goes through 2 Red lights and cuts in front of me and rides in the middle of the exit that I take. I prefectly legally sound my horn to make said Cyclist aware of my...
  2. V

    Todays list of broken down cars

    Ok, so many of us probably spend a lot of our time going up and down the motorways, and I always tend to keep any eye on what cars have broken down on the hard shoulder to pass the time So how about we get a list going, of the cars you've seen broken down and we can see if a pattern builds...
  3. G

    todays auction NOT CHEAP

    C63 AMG 08 38K £24800 SOLD E270 CLASSIC 02 117K £3100 SOLD CLC 180K SE 09 48K £8750 PROV C350 ELEEGANCE 08 23K £11600 SOLD E280 A/GARDE 08 21K £10850 PROV CLK200 A/GARDE 05 61K £6450 SOLD RANGE ROVER 3.6TDI VOGUE SE 08 42K £26600 SOLD C180 CLASSIC SE 05 62K £3550...
  4. G

    todays auction results 13-03-13

    b180 2.0 cdi 2007 44000m £7050 clk200k 1.8 69000m 2005 £5250 c200 2.1 cdi classic se 2007 89000m £5750 e270 cdi a/garde 72000m 2004 £4600 c220 2.1 cdi sport 2008 63000m £10800 e220 blue/eff se 2010 76000m £12450 e320 3.0 cdi a/garde 100,000m 2007 £7050 e220 2.2 cdi a/garde sat nav.2007...
  5. Sp!ke

    Todays special at Aldi

    A 5L pressure sprayer for £9.99... Thought it might be useful for rinsing the car during the hose pipe ban.
  6. Sp!ke

    Lidl Maintenance charger on todays special

    Well I popped out at lunch and picked this maintenance charger up at my local Lidl for £12.99. So a quick review in case others think it worthy of purchase. First off, It doesnt come with fly leads for more permanent connections like the more expensive maintenance chargers do but I'm sure...

    Todays wacky deal by Asda!

    I was in Asda today, I don't normally shop there as I start to itch when I've been in there a while :p but mi Dad needed to go as his car is off the road at the moment. But this deal! do they think Asda customers are mouth breathing morons! :D
  8. T

    In todays post

    A very smart "Booklet" in a very smart plastic sleeve inside a plain cardboard outer. What was it I hear you all cry! Well her is the rub,it was all about the new S212 E Class estae, except it was not. It had some futureistic (ultra modern) photos A lovely view of somwhere in Cornwall or...
  9. Lugy

    Todays Rant From Me

    Well, even though it's the weekend, I'm still annoyed :( I should probably start off by saying I'm a machinist/CNC programmer/toolmaker. Basically my supervisor has been working on the same 2 jobs since Wednesday morning, they're prototype jobs but haven't been priced as such on the promise we...
  10. verytalldave

    Todays Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Is it me or was that race boring beyond belief except for the last few laps when Button challenged Webber ? ? ? The track was a visual feast but provided poor conditions for close racing. In fact I was channel hopping most of the time and I only watched the last 7 laps nonstop. Perhaps I missed...
  11. 94mattda

    Todays GTG Photos....Jamaica Inn Cornwall

    Here are a few pictures from todays GTG at Jamaica Inn near Bodmin....Good turn out from members and very scenic venue accompanied by the fantastic weekend weather made for a great day. Was nice to put names to faces so hope you enjoy the pics.... STAR CAR OF THE DAY GOES...
  12. timskemp

    Pics from todays qualifying and practice sessions

  13. grober

    Todays the day for Mclaren!

    Todays the day for Mclaren Spying charges McLaren face charges TODAY the 26 July FIA hearing of "unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Ferrari". What this means for Lewis and Alonzo remains to be seen.:eek...
  14. gurpz

    Todays Fifth Gear

    Anyone watching todays fifth gear they run a W124 200D on chip fat oil and do various tests with it throughout the episode:)
  15. A

    police driving? in todays news of the world

    ok it's in the News Of The World and it's supposedly from Merseyside You just got to love how not only do the police not know who's driving they don't even know who's car it is :) If it's not genuine then who's going to own...
  16. A

    todays bad joke

    After volunteering to fight for his country in WW II, Zimmerman joined his unit and lined up for his uniform. As equipment was issued in strict alphabetical order Zimmerman found himself at the back of the queue. By the time he reached the desk all the uniforms had been issued...
  17. Brian WH

    Todays Birthday List

    Happy Birthday To You All marc777 simonl gklau
  18. Kinky

    Todays Times [Sunday]

    2 page spread in the driving supplement about importing cars from the US. Article written around my boss. Check out his site at : The times article:,,588-1035636,00.html K
  19. Maff

    Pics and Vids from todays SE London meet...

    Hi All, Good to see and talk to everyone today! Here's some of the pictures I took of the GTG: And a video of the cars: Cars Video Two video's of me and Koolvin on the way home. I got stuck behind a yellow beetle with two blonde birds in it on the...
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