1. D

    CLS55 Engine Under Tray

    as above looking for the plastic tray that goes between the engine and front bumper
  2. N

    E Class Rubber Boot Tray

    Hi, I have a rubber boot tray for an e class that I used up until I gave the car as a part ex. Great way to protect the carpet lining. Has been lying in the garage for a while now. £55 plus collection from Leicester or buyer can arrange the delivery (due to the size of the item) Will upload a...
  3. brucemillar

    Tool Tray Foam

    Folks Does anybody know where I can get some sheet foam? This must be dense enough to cut out the shapes of tools, so that they can be neatly stored in tool drawers. Ideally about 0.5 inch thick. Dunelm Mill sell stuff but it's to thick and £18.00 for a small pad. Really!!!! { }
  4. steve333

    Mlw164 boot tray

    Can anyone recommend any after market w164 ml boot trays/covers please?
  5. M

    E Class estate (S211) boot tray and mats (genuine Mercedes)

    Hi All - I have a set of used (with care) mats as well as the boot tray that will fit an E class (S211) estate. The mats should fit a saloon (W211) as well. Not so sure about the boot tray, it may only fit the estate. All together - £20, ONO. I am based in Milton Keynes, so it does mean a...
  6. leef44

    Fastening rivets for battery tray

    In the drainage tray above the battery, there are fastening clips which are push-in rivets to hold the tray in place. There are three of them. I'm missing one. I've been trying to find out which types they are, trying to order them on ebay. For example on...
  7. RyanMuller

    Ash Tray Replacement W203

    Hello all, I have a replacement ash tray for the C32. Anyone got any good tips to install it? Thanks
  8. P

    SL55 centre console ash tray doesn't look fitted right

    Hi, weird one, so bought the SL55 today, one of the things that I want to get sorted on it is the centre console being hydro dipped but at the same time I want to get the ash tray sorted, there seems to be a bigger gap around door flap on the ash tray than there should be, it almost like the...
  9. D

    No front under tray on my car?

    Was out in my car this evening and heading spiritedly down a dual carriageway when I heard a 'noise' and then a smell of burning plastic - got to the end of the dual carriageway and there was an awful noise, sort of scraping - I was with a mate and we both thought I had got a puncture. Pulled...
  10. RH2013

    Mercedes Child seat with chip + boot liner and tray.

    Black child seat. 18 months old. Good condition normal use. £50. With the chip that allows it to be used in the front seat. (Turns off airbag). CLS shooting brake rhino boot liner (black) £25 CLS shooting brake boot tray (black) £20
  11. T

    WANTED - W203 under tray (Essex/Suffolk)

    Engine under tray and fasteners etc wanted for our recently purchased C class 2005 W203 C320 Cdi Also the trim panels that go between the under tray and wheel arch liners These bits were missed and/or damaged when I clambered underneath after buying the car :doh: So if you are near us at...
  12. E

    W124 Removal of ash tray

    Hi Im trying to remove the ash tray holder from my W124, so I can replace it with the Sat Nav. Have managed to get the centre console out, but I don't see how I can remove the ash tray holder, so I can fit my custom built sat nav housing. Any ideas Cheers Steve
  13. yuriboy

    ML w163 boot tray

    hi , i have a plastic boot liner / tray for a w163 (04) ml in great condition and only £20 collected from Birmingham call me on 07729077177 thanks
  14. M

    Stone designesr shower tray - new

    Surplus to requirements a new 800 x 800 low profile shower tray. Bought from Victoria Plumb and only selling because we had to get another one when this got lost in transit! ... _2550.html A really good quality tray and perfect condition except the...
  15. M

    Engine Cover Tray 3.0 V6 Diesel for W219 CLS320

    Due to abuse by previous owner(s) my engine cover has several broken bush mounts which means it is vibrating against the engine block and causing a bit of din. Not to worried about cosmetic look as I can always respray but essential that all the mounts are intact. I'm in Oxfordshire but...
  16. M

    S212 Boot liner / tray / mat

    Hi Recently acquired a S212 and looking for a boot nat / liner / tray to save the carpet from the worst of the muddy buggy wheels it will have to content with over the winter. There seem to be a lot of options on places like ebay, wondered if anyone on here could make any recommendations...
  17. Z

    Card Tray Removal E220 2005

    Hi Can any one help me to remove the card tray on E220. I need to replace the spring to fix it. Check the picture to know what I mean. Thank you
  18. I

    2006 ML350 Coin Tray Removal

    After searching the forums and the web on how to remove the coin tray I found various glib statements like "remove the cover with the A/C controls, it is easy". I found the best way for me was to 1. remove the ashtray "2 screws" 2. remove the cover with A/C on it, this I achieved by using...
  19. Fudger

    E Class Estate storage tray

    Hi guys, I picked up my new S212 yesterday and noticed there was no storage tray that sits under the floor but above the spacesaver wheel. I had seen such a tray on another E Class estate previously but when I called MB parts the chap did not understand what I was referring to and suggested it...
  20. 837richardt

    W211 coin tray

    Ones anyone know how to remove the coin tray drawer next to glove compartment on my E320 W211, think a coin gone at back of it and won't open it close properly
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