1. M

    R129 Warning Triangle Wanted

    My R129 recent purchase came without one!
  2. W

    Esp and triangle.

    Hi there I'm new to the forum and I'm having a headache with my esp and triangle I was driving as normal then suddenly seemed to lost bit power then these lights came on I drove to work this morning no problems but a little sluggish if I can reset these lights will it rectify my problem and if...
  3. Gollom

    W211 warning triangle

    Got one of these that fit under the boot lid - never been used. Any use to anybody? £10 Collect from just off Preston J31a M6
  4. brucemillar

    C-Class W203 Estate Complete Toolkit with Triangle

    As above. This is absolutely complete and rust free with all the bits, including the spare wheel studs, fuse puller & warning triangle. £35 collected from Kent. I can post but will need to charge as it is fairly large & heavy.
  5. M

    For Sale Genuine W210 Warning Triangle

    As new & in Excellent condition never used includes tripod which it sits on and fits into headline of boot. Came out of my 2000 E class saloon. £25 if collected or £30 delivered by Ups. Based in Central Bedforshire.
  6. roger574

    Advice needed - correct warning triangle for a W210?

    My recently acquired W210 is missing its boot lid mounted warning triangle so I thought I'd have a look on eBay for a replacement. I've searched for "W210 warning triangle" but the couple that come up don't look right to me. I then saw this one from a W124 and I wondered if this will also...
  7. K

    C124 coupe seatbelt triangle

    Mercedes W 124 Seatbelt Triangle (right Hand) | eBay why do people charge more than a dealer?? ordered this today from MB in Brighton, 17.45 +vat:D. they even posting it to me for nothing:bannana:
  8. L

    Wanted warning triangle W203

    Looking for warning triangle that sits on the boot roof when open. Mine gone walkabout whilst at side of road. Some really helpful folks when car left unattended to make call to breakdown service.:doh:
  9. Bladgb

    Intrigued by an orange triangle in door mirror - CLS class

    Followed a very nice looking CLS class this morning on the school run - 63 plate. In the traffic I noticed an orange triangle appear in each of his door mirrors to lower outer corner when stopped/low speed, these disappeared as he picked up speed. I couldn't work out what the function was -...
  10. C

    Warning triangle holder.

    :o so whilst replacing the bulbs in the boot lid I managed to snap the securing pins on the warning triangle holder. Does anyone have a part number for it or any idea where I can get a replacement (other than MB themselves). Can't find anything anywhere but then I'm pretty shocking at that sort...
  11. T

    Yellow triangle and tone warning of ???????

    Heading back down mmmm25 today 2 miles after fueling up and momentarily the yellow warning triangle flashed up on dash and a beep was heard, car seemed to accelerate ok (was under med/heavy acceleration at the time) no display message was seen but it happened about 4 or 5 times within a min and...
  12. Tack

    Evo triangle driving trip

    We have this thread running on Pistonheads. If anyone is interested either post there or here and I will add you! Rich's Amazing Wales Road Trip 2013 - PistonHeads
  13. T

    Wanted Warning Triangle

    As it says warning triangle for W208 Cab wanted
  14. B

    ML 350 (W163) squealing brakes and warning triangle.

    I have a 2005 ML350, and last night the brakes started squealing just before coming to a stop. Today the squealing is still there but sat at 70 and every now and then the yellow warning triangle comes on with the exclaimation mark comes on, no reason, driving in a straight line.... A few...
  15. Willsco

    Looking for original Warning Triangle for SL R129

    My warning triangle is broken and needs replacing I know there are many varieties available from many sources but I'd like to try and replace it with an original that will fit in the boot-lid carrier... Any recommendations please..? SL500 R129 2001 regards Mike W
  16. salesac1

    Warning Triangle A2038900197

    Must be cheap, but in good useable condition :D.
  17. DCStubbs

    Yellow warning triangle on dash

    The yellow warning triangle lit up/flickered a couple of times when turning to the left (fairly sharply) didn't see anything else and after it happened a couple of times it didn't do it again. Any ideas, should I be worried? Thanks.
  18. S

    W210 Pop-up Warning Triangle

    This was purchased for my first W210 back in 1998, it as designed to fit under the boot lid. I purchased this new from MB and its been in the garage ever since. Very good clean unused condition if anyone could use it. £10 and I will include UK postage. Steve
  19. M

    W210 tool kit, triangle & first aid kit wanted

    Hi, I'm after a W210 tool kit, warning triangle & first aid kit for my '99 e300 dt estate. I'm in London, anyone nearby(ish) got any surplus/for sale? Thanks, Mark 07976909026
  20. S

    Where does the warning triangle store ?

    Sorry this may appear a daft question, I have just bought a c class coupe 2001 220cdi and the warning triangle in it's special black carrier is floating around in the hatch area. I am sure this is supposed to store somewhere but a detailed search by me and a trawl through the handbook gives...
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