1. MercedesDriver

    Best car for camping (tent) trips

    In need of an advise as all rear seat occupants are growing up and saloon became too tight. As per title, trips are to Northern Italy, two adults, two kids, one bulldog, 5 berth tent + equipment (chairs,table,...) for 10 days camping, four 21" cases, travel fridge, 1 bag of inflatable toys for...
  2. Cousy

    Trips and Events

    As a new member to the forum I'd like to know if there are any upcoming events to go to over the next couple of months or has the time now passed due to the colder weather coming in? Any local meets to the Yorkshire area? There was a small get together for a drive on the dales over on the...
  3. D

    My First AMG and trips to MSL PERFORMANCE

    Hi Guys my names Deep and this is my very first post and AMG. Last September I bought a 63 Reg SL63 and wow!!! Previously I'd always had 4x4's namely Cayennes and Q7's. After a great couple of months and much reading of what you crazy lot get upto thought I'd try dipping my toe by getting...
  4. V

    organised trips and booking for nurburgring

    hello guys and girls. was looking into getting tickets for the Nurburgring, and spoke to someone who said that there were clubs and societies that if you join them, they book private days at the ring for their use only. he said it costs a little more than booking it yourself, but you end up...
  5. WesLangdon

    no trips to the Greek sunshine for Mrs Queen

    BBC News - Why has the Queen never visited Greece?
  6. T

    Short Trips

    Hi guys, have a question to ask, a mate of mine has a E reg w124 300d,has to do about 4-5 miles every day for school runs (return trip) takes between 25 - 40mins(depending on traffic), he works from home, has to park the car untill evening and do the same in the evening.the question is will that...
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