1. B

    Is C205 200 petrol underpowered?

    Hello, I got a C Coupe 200 4matic on order, to be built in july and delivered in august, so I can still make some changes to the order. My main concern is that the 200 petrol engine is underpowered... now I have a Mini Cooper S F56 (2015 model) 192 bhp. Can anybody tell if I will feel a...
  2. M

    Mercedes c320 running rough at idle and underpowered

    My c320 petrol V6 2001 has rough idle and poor performance checked usual suspects maf , air leaks ,leads, plugs coils,fuel pressure 55psi all the time fuel volume ok,check cat back pressure none about 1psi max reving ,any ideas also bat voltage charge ok .done compression check all 150 to 155psi...
  3. X

    CLS 220, underpowered? or ok?

    Hi, me again. I am about to test drive a CLS 220. I have seen the stats, 170 ish BHP. Does anyone own this car and can tell me what it is like in the real world. MPG figures would be great too.
  4. G

    Is the E280 CDI underpowered?

    Hi all, newbie here. I'm looking to buy an E class and I am wondering if the E280 CDI is underpowered. I am looking for the ability to cruise without working the engine and to be able to easliy overtake a vehicle who is doing 55mph on a country road with few passing places, as this seems to...
  5. Q

    W124 E200 - are they underpowered?

    I've recently bought an auto W124 E220 estate and it has plenty of power for my needs, however I'm now thinking of buying an auto E200 saloon to use for commuting to work - all city driving. Are they much different to the E220 regarding power? I have an 1984 190E 2l auto and its no ball of fire...
  6. vibesg

    Always considered E220 cdi underpowered

    My SL has gone to the stealership for a week for some warranty work (boot seals and lumbar support). I was promised an '09 E Class so I wasn't too fussed. All I said was make sure its a diesel as I had a 300 mile round trip. I was happy the seals were being sorted under warranty....story for...
  7. PeterE320Cdi

    280SL Underpowered?

    I have seen a manual 280SL on e-bay and have a few questions. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4649243347&fromMakeTrack=true Can anyone tell me the best place to find out how much a car of this age is worth? Would a 280 be underpowered, I was ideally looking for a 500...
  8. Thmsshaun

    Engine Underpowered

    On a quick test I didnt think the car seemed to perform too well. :D
  9. M

    W140 S320 - underpowered?

    Going from a V8 500SEL (1991) to potentially an S320. Will the 320 feel underpowered? No way would I go lower than a 320 on a car that size! Many thanks for any input.
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