Maps update

    Hey guys, Just wondering how do you update the maps on the nav with the ad card. Is it a disc or is it from the sd card? Many thanks
  2. M

    Update firmware on command NTG 2.5

    Hi I'm trying to work out my best option. On upgrading a command 2.5 I've heard that MB dealers do it free when you qoute this a the service dept TIPS document number GI82.85-P-046208. Has anyone had any success with this is /was there a time limit Also I came across this thread that I...
  3. D

    Comand s/w update (not maps disc!)

    I bought the (genuine, expensive!) V17 maps disc for my W211 with NTG1 Comand. I followed the instructions inside and I now have updated maps, POIs etc. so the local roads almost align with real-life now! Thing is, I am still on an old Firmware version. SW Ver. HU: 51/2003...
  4. Real Merc Man

    Mercedes Navigation Update COMAND APS 2015/2016 DVD A219 827 18 00

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update DVD's For COMAND APS Europe 2015/2016 Part number A219 827 18 00 For use with sales code 81P/502 States Comand software update 09/29 is necessary to use this Update. I purchased this to update my previous Mercedes E Class prior to selling the car, as I...
  5. Real Merc Man

    Mercedes Navigation Update COMAND APS 2017 DVD A219 827 24 00

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update DVD's For COMAND APS Europe 2017 Part number A219 827 24 00 Version 15 For use with sales code 81P/502 States Comand software update 09/29 is necessary to use this Update. I purchased this to update my new C Class in error as I need a USB stick Update...
  6. CowleyStJames

    Audio 50 APS 2015/2016 update disks for sale

    2015/2016 map update disks for E Class 03/09 - 07/11 and CLS from 01/11 - 07/11. Only works with Audio 50 APS. Absolutely mint. Looking for £40 posted
  7. 6

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update, COMAND APS, Europe, 2016/17 NTG2.5

    Genuine Mercedes DVD update set For NTG2.5 Part number A2198271300 £65 including postage in the UK, £70 EU. Payment by Paypal F&F or bank transfer This navigation update requires COMAND software update 09/29, available from Telematics CD 01/2010. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz...
  8. S

    Update Command Sat Nav

    Moving house so with my last service had the Command Sat Nav updated. MB dealer charged me £100, it can only be downloaded from MB, there is no sat nav disc reader in my CLS. Went to view my new home, loads of roads and changes missing :mad: Back to MB to be advised the latest update is...
  9. C

    CLK wood trim update

    Hi. Has anyone removed all the wood trim from a W208 and sprayed it or covered it? Any trim tools needed/advice? Thanks
  10. F

    Vibration update.

    Hi all, I had been noticing a vibration through the drivers seat when car engine was under load. It went in for a service and I told them about the vibration. When it was ready they said they had found some software update for the gearbox. Since its been done its noticeably smoother and much...
  11. PenelopePitstop

    Update your sat-nav for just £99 - promo from MB

    Got the email with some AMG promotions and one of them was: "Update your sat-nav for just £99. Want to get the best of your Mercedes-Benz navigation system? Update your maps with the very latest navigation data for all of Europe for just £99. Book your update now at your local...
  12. FordToMerc

    Becker Map Pilot update 2017

    £80.00 download for Europe and the entire estate I live near in UK is still not on the map. WTF! Come on why bother.
  13. JohnEclass

    W205 Map Update

    Hi all, Just had my C300 serviced at main dealer, asked for maps to be updated while in, they said yes ok. Got the car back, noticed hand written note on service paperwork saying Nav DVD ordered... I did not think the W205 used a DVD for the Maps?... I might be wrong anyone know if they...
  14. G

    Update firmware costs!!!

    I paid a visit to my mercedes dealer yesterday and wanted to know how much to update the firmware on my car. The cost they wanted was £160! they charge £100 for the license of the disc and then £60-100 for the engineers labour. I have tried specialist garages but they don't have a copy of the...
  15. PhilLinda

    3 years free Comand update

    Just bought a 2 year old C class coupe and the previous owner hasn't had the Comand maps updated. Can I just book it into my local MB dealer for an update or will they only do it at service time? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. S

    DAB still cutting out after dealer update

    Had my DAB updated a few months back, and have only recently started listening to it again. Mainly MI Soul and it keeps cutting out, but instead of the "device unavailable" message, the station just greys out and eventually reconnects. Any fixes for this? tempted to go back to the dealer and...
  17. G

    c63 update dash and command?

    i have the 12 plate and was wondering if i could update the system from the yellow background to the red and silver background? anyone able to do this as mercedes said they have no firmware that updates the colour of the system.
  18. C

    E Class 7g Gearbox update and reset cost

    Hi all, I have a 2012 E class coupe with 7g gearbox and its clunky when shifting at low speeds, i was going to get a gearbox software update and reset done as ive read that the procedure on the internet for resetting the gearbox yourself doesn't actually work. Has anyone had this done and how...
  19. Johnerz

    iPod issue + Command update (2010 E250)

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 CDI coupe, for music I have a new iPod connected by the cable in the glove compartment. This was working fine until yesterday when the iPod decided to stop work and show the message incompatible when I connected it. I brought the car in March and once I got the...
  20. G

    SD CARD Sat Nav Update

    New car, need top update satnav from vb7 to v8. Merc software recognises the need, and takes a back up, but the update fails, and so does the restore. HELP. Ive got no sat nav and garage says £500 to replace!! Anyone else got a problem with this please /
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