1. Mike Walker

    Thinking of upgrading my W203

    As per the title looking at buying a facelifted '56 plate C200K Avantgarde with all the bits attached including parktronic front /back, leather etc. Car has only done 18K miles and will be serviced before purchase. Just wondering if the Forum would be concerned at the apparantly low mileage...
  2. A

    Upgrading Pre-Facelift CLK Centre Console

    Hi all, maybe I posted in the wrong section as no replies in the interior section so thought I would try in the electronics section Im looking into upgrading the Centre Console to (Upper Control Panel, Audio 20 and climate controls) on my pre face lift 04 200 clk The gentleman below has done a...
  3. A

    Upgrading Pre-Facelift CLK Centre Console

    Im looking into upgrading the Centre Console (Upper Control Panel, Audio 20 and climate controls) on my pre face lift 04 200 clk. The gentleman below has done a pretty full and detailed article on how he did this. I wonder if anyone has done this to their clk please? (MWSTEWART.CO.UK | Facelift...
  4. M

    Upgrading discs and pads of a C124 E320

    After previously asking about my C124 E320's brake specs and now knowing my discs and pads haven't got much life left, I've decided to consider upgrades. Many years ago, when I investigated pad upgrades, I read a little on Green Stuff Pads, but I know nothing about upgraded discs. SO: I wish...
  5. D

    Upgrading to e250/Jag Xf

    Hey all, Thinking of upgrading from w211 e270cdi to either a year-old e250cdi or Jag XF 3.0. I took a e250 cdi sport for a test drive yesterday, and cant help but feel the interior is a bit cheap and not the luxury I would expect it to be. Most of the e-classes tend to be sport models aswell...
  6. crockers

    Upgrading an iMac

    Hi I have an iMac with 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and 8 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3. Is it possible to upgrade the chip to an i5 or i7 or does the motherboard not allow it? Thanks
  7. T

    upgrading engine/changing engine w124

    i'v got a 230E w124, And i wonder if anyone has changed or knows anything about changing the original 2.3 120 bhp engine to the 2.3 kompressor 196 bhp and if it can be done where and which is the best place to go to in the uk.
  8. timskemp

    W204 Audio Upgrading.

    OK - who's done anything or knows anything. I'm getting my local audio place to remove the door cards and fit some Focals on tuesday, this is phase one. Phase two is going to be a custom sub under the rear shelf, probably a pair of 10s in a shallow housing. Now, I'm intrigued as to how...
  9. E

    upgrading exhaust on w210 e320cdi estate

    I have just brought a year 2000 w210 e320cdi estate just before christmas .i joined the forum in dec2010 sorry i did not formally introduced myself. i am strongly thinking or upgrading my 2.5in steel exhaust system to a 3in stainless system . the main reason is better performance and economy...
  10. E

    upgrading exhaust on 2000 w210 e320cdi estate

    I have just bought this car in december 2010. sorry I have not formally introduced myself as I have just joined last month. I am planning to upgrade my year 2000 e320 cdi estate on the following. 1) I have just replaced my air filter with a ITG foam filter. WoW what a performance it makes...
  11. B

    Upgrading Vito W638 brakes

    Hey people, hope you all had a good new year. So recently got a Vito W638 (2003 112CDi) to add to the fleet. I really want to upgrade the brakes, the brakes aren't great on it but mainly i just want them to look pretty behind the wheels.. Would really love some big AMG Calipers, anyone know...
  12. K

    Need Help with Upgrading to w124 e220 Cabriolet Sportline

    My car is a UK right hand drive e220 cabriolet. It is currently under original suspension which is in need of replacement. Hence, I am now thinking about upgrading my suspension including shock-absorber to Sportline Specification. But the problem is that I cannot find the correct part number for...
  13. T

    Upgrading my clk alloys

    Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my clk w209 2004 standard 16inch for 18"*AMG*III, I believe that these are fitted to the newer amg clk models. Would this be a straight swap or would I need new locking nuts or spacers etc any advise appreciated, thanks
  14. P

    Upgrading GPS Maps. How?

    I have just ordered a E350 with the command system. Since the system uses a hard drive how do I go about updating the GPS maps in the future? Any idea of the charges involved?
  15. The Boss

    upgrading lights to the new facelift model?

    Guys.. whats the scope for me to upgrade my front and rear lights to that of the new facelifted s class? i am liking the new leds on the s class, and the new rear lights look less complicated.. is it a simple swap and plug n play or will there be lots of rewiring involved?
  16. blondebier

    Thinking of upgrading your Mac...?

    Ooh er... BBC NEWS | Technology | Data losses in Snow Leopard bug Bad Snow Leopard! :doh:
  17. Mike Walker

    Thinking of upgrading..

    Thinking about changing from C180 Avantgarde W203 2001 to C230 Avantgarde 2006. I feel mine is underpowered and rust on rear arches is back again. Have also bought drivers side wing mirror, sorted oil in wiring loom, but not sure if it will return, and need front suspension bushes at around...
  18. C

    Upgrading COMAND

    Can anybody tell me how difficult it is to upgrade my 2001 CL, to the later version of wide screen comand? apart from the screen and new wood console, what else would I need? cheers Danny
  19. N

    2002 SLK upgrading speakers..

    Hey folks, Just thinking that the stock speakers in my SLK may not be good enough for me.. I've had a bit of a search but can't find what sizes they are? Also, due to the size of the car and the rear bulk head, how well does a sub in the boot work? I've seen some under seat subs that...
  20. C

    upgrading your merchow do you use

    who to use for upgrading you merc hi im new to the site and merc ownership and am just trying to find a place that mods mercs, wheels, amg body kit, suspention, ect who do you use for your bits?
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