1. mykaitch

    upgrading to electric seats

    I have a W210 1998 with manual seats. Two electric ones with switches on the seats are on the way. Are they plug and sit or will I need to hack in some power ?
  2. R

    Need Help on Upgrading a factory fitted mobile phone

    Need Help on Upgrading a factory fitted mobile phone in my ML270CDI Hi, I need help and advise on how to up grade the factory fitted Nokia car phone in my ML270 CDI January 2003 model. The phone kit installed is a factory fitted Mercedes phone with a Nokia 6090 handset and (MB logon on...
  3. T

    upgrading to command on 2007 c class w203

    hi, I have just bought myself a 2007 mod (last of old shape) 320 cdi c class avantguard with sports upgrade. the car has audio 20 installed but I want to upgrade to command. I have seen a command unit on ebay and the seller states that this will plug and play in my car. how easy is this to do ...
  4. R

    Need Help on Upgrading a factory fitted mobile phone

    Hi, I need help and advise on how to up grade the factory fitted car phone in my ML270 CDI January 2003 model. The phone kit installed is a factory fitted Mercedes phone with a Nokia 6090 handset and (MB logon on handset). I have spoken MB Heathrow and MB on the Great West Road in West...
  5. jasohal

    Upgrading rear lamps on w210 e-class

    Hi folks - after some advice from you guys... I have read posts on the internet regarding replacing pre-facelift rear lamps on an e-class with face lift lamps. The outside ones are a straight fit and I managed to do these in 10 mins. The inner ones are a b****r !! Does anyone who has...
  6. T

    R U Upgrading: Can I buy your old alloys?

    The sidewall of one of my tyres recently got damaged, and the others are down to 4mm tread. Some of my wheel trims are also damaged. So I am looking for… A set of 15 or 16” alloys for W202 Original MB parts in very tidy condition. Ideally Classic/Avantgarde spec. Sizes: 195/60/15 or...
  7. ckember

    Upgrading to Bi-xenon on w203

    I have the headlamp units to upgrade to Bi-Xenon, and know that I must have xenon=present set using star, Does anyone know What would happen if I had this done before I changed the lamps over? I know from other threads that if I dont do this the xenons will blink from time to time, but wil...
  8. D

    Upgrading Nokia Phone/Carkit Issue

    Hi, had a quick look through the forum but couldnt get a definite answer. Have a 2003 E220. There is a car kit installed in the arm rest. It has A211 820 14 51 - 03M15 - Q2 - 094921 022009 on it. Currently I have a Nokia 6310i that I use with it. However am upgrading my phone to a newer...
  9. mb240

    Advice on upgrading from W210 E240

    I;ve had an E240 for quite a few years. I am thinking of upgrading to a 2003 year vehicle, either a CLK or E. I was considering perhaps an 01 S, but I fancy the newer technology and dashboard, etc., in the newer models which looks very nice indeed. Now, the specs in Ireland are usually...
  10. S

    Upgrading audio set up in an SLK.... IS IT POSSIBLE????

    OK, here goes, i love my stereos and have just got me a 98 slk, and all it has is 2 front door speakers and an aftermarket crappy bottom end alpine head unit, i have ordered my new 9855 alpine top end head unit and i want to add speakers, when i viewed ther cars i know some had the bose 4...
  11. P

    Upgrading Audio

    Hi all, I could do with some advice. After a long search I recently purchased my 3rd Mercedes, a 2002 E320 CDI Osbsidian Black with black leather - mileage 20k :cool: I love the car but I'm stuck as to what to do about the stereo. It is a single slot CD player labelled Audio 10 with...
  12. Goldfish11

    E Class - DVD Comand - Upgrading from Nokia 6310i

    :confused: I have a W211 (July 2003) with the DVD comand unit and the Nokia 6310i telephone. The cradle has a wire which goes into the console. This was a factory fit option and works fine BUT my 6310i is getting quite old and I would like to upgrade to a current Nokia model. I discussed...
  13. brecon

    Upgrading Comand in V reg W220

    Hi I have been trying to wade through the internet to make sense of all the different comand units available for the S-Class. My car is already fitted with the comand 2.5 (A 220 820 46 89) which was factory fitted. I wanted to upgrade to the widescreen version 16:9 and find there are two models...
  14. marc777

    Upgrading audio on 2002 W211 - E270 Cdi? - only the dealer can do?

    I started to look at upgrading the standard audio system in my 2002 E class yesterday (I chose 6 cd changer in dash as an option when I bought the car but the rest is standard - no Nav/command) and was disappointed to be told by Oxford Car Audio (who have a good reputation) that becasue the...
  15. H

    Upgrading brakes on w208

    Does anybody have any after market brake discs and pads fitted to their cars. I upgraded the discs and pads on my last car(non merc) to grooved and really felt an improvement. The standard merc brakes are good but is there better. Is drilled and grooved so much better? I need to replace front...
  16. Anil

    Upgrading discs and pads on W203

    Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading the brakes on the car. Are there any tried and tested combinations of performance discs and pads that anyone has used on a W203? I want to stick to the same diameter disc as changing the calipers could be costly. Also, are there any issues with Mobilo in...
  17. A

    Upgrading APS 50 on E 211

    Does anyone know if it is possible to polay MP3 discs on the APS 50 installed in a 2003 e class? I know it is possible to upgrade to APS Comand but ive herad some silly prices from dealers and that the cd changer from the front would have to be re located! Any suggestions or pointers? Thanks
  18. C

    Upgrading to Brabus

    I have a 230K Sports Coupe and was thinking of upgrading the engine with the Brabus 2.6 S Kompressor kit. Obviously this is going to increase my insurance but I was wondering if any of you knew what would happen to the resale value of the car? Furthermore, is it easy to sell a Brabus modified...
  19. R

    Upgrading CLK phone system

    I have a W209 :) CLK with Comand and Nokia 6210 built in to the armrest. I want to upgrade to the Universal Handy Interface and use a Nokia 6310i (which won't work with the existing interface :( ). Does anyone know where I can either get the necessary parts to do the job myself or get the job...
  20. M

    Upgrading 190 interior

    i've just bought my first mercedes, a '93 190E and ive got the inevitable bug for doing little modifications. The interior is all pretty standard black plastic, and ideally i'd like to have some more wood on the dash and console, only i don't know where to start in getting dash kits for a 190E...
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