1. P

    Interesting Press Release from MB USA

    In-Vehicle Connectivity Takes a Step Forward With Introduction of 'Media Interface Plus' On Mercedes-Benz Vehicles New Vehicle Accessory Brings Pandora Smartphone Application and Wireless Music Streaming MONTVALE, NJ and PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA)...
  2. Spinal

    2-Way Radios EU vs USA...

    For the rally, I need some 2-way radios... (cb was a major failure last year) The problem is, co-ordinating 50 people, buying 50-radios and having them all working together... The best I saw last year were American radios on the GMRS band... which I've now read a bit about... I've read a...
  3. crockers

    Google to Pioneer a sh*tty Broadband service in USA

    Google proposing a new service via the toilet. Is this an early April Fools joke? How TiSP Works pity we're on a septic system.
  4. M

    USA Engine?

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I just bought a 2001 E320 CDI Estate, put my chassis number in the russian vin website and this code came up, 026 production test new engines (ECE-chassis with USA-engine) (с 19.06.1996) I havent got a clue what it means, does anyone on here know what it...
  5. verytalldave

    Help from the USA please

    Is there a long established member of the forum that resides in the USA ?:confused: The reason I ask I that there is an item that is exclusively available at Macys that I wish to purchase.:rock: Unfortunately, Macys dont ship outside America, so I am stumped.:doh: The item I wish to purchase...
  6. grober

    Mercedes C Class – Made in the U.S.A

    Rumour has it that Mercedes is shortly to start manufacture of their C class in their plant in Alabama which currently makes the large 4x4 models for the states and world wide. Due to changing buying patterns and the economic recession mercedes has seen sales of it’s R Class, GL and ML drop by...
  7. smiddyboy1

    Mercedes Benz USA to install Police Software?

    I was watching some videos on youtube and came across this I particularly like the get out from MB saying that failure to comple with posted speed signs will invalidate the warranty!!! :eek: What do we all think??? Another Big Brother to watch over us?
  8. smillion

    Lower depreciation in USA? In spite of recession

    Isn't interesting that when it comes to new cars we all think that the USA always seems cheaper; and yet its interesting to see that the do seem to hold their value better than here in the UK despite the financial crisis that appears to be there. A search of E55 AMGs shows (only) 25 for sale...
  9. R

    Things are different in the USA !!
  10. E

    Alloys Wheels from the USA

    Hi, Has anyone purchased alloy wheels from the US and had them delivered to the UK? Just wondering what the duty and taxes will be and if its worth while? Cant seem to find the ones I want here in the UK. I know you will have to pay 15% VAT.
  11. C43AMG

    USA Part No ?

    If i gave a US Part No to one of our wonderful MB parts Dept, would they be able to access the part on there MB computer ?
  12. C240Sport97

    Sending parcels cheaply to USA (Hawaii)

    Just got home from the most lovely Hawaii. My nieces and nephews have asked me to send them more chocolate digestives but the shipping rates on parcelforce and dhl are quite horrendous (about £80 for 10kg of weight). Anyone recommend a cheaper way? Speed of delivery is not important...
  13. PJayUK

    What parts are worth buying whilst visiting the USA??

    I am in the USA on business this week.. I'll have a fair bit of time on my hands (I dont like to use the term jolly but :bannana: ) so I might visit a few car accesory shops and see what I can pick up for the SClass! Any advice or experience on what is worth picking up in the US?
  14. N

    Shipping container to the USA info please.

    I need to ship some heavy items to the N.E. coast of the USA, New York / New Jersey area. They'll take up about 5 feet of a container Does anyone work with shipping lines or container companies or ship containers to the USA themselves who could guide me on contacts, prices, rules etc? TIA.
  15. Godot

    Latest Radar Survellience Result USA :crazy:
  16. NW_Merc

    W126 SEC bodykit from USA
  17. 1

    Hiring RV in USA / Canada

    Hi everyone, Well, with all this wet weather we're planning a special trip next year, 25 years married to boot. We're thinking about hiring a RV for 3 -4 weeks but don't really know where to start? My wife has never been to the USA / Canada before so I was thinking perhaps the New England...
  18. W

    Using USA Comand in Europe

    Hi folks, First off, I'm a newbie here, and so apologise in advance for asking something which may be listed in an FAQ somewhere. Recently bought a US Comand 2.0 for my 2001 C180 (W203). The system has no TV or SAT button. Part# A203 820 92 89 Nobody can tell me if it is possible to use this...
  19. A

    USA Comand APS

    Was looking at a USA comand manual today and noticed that they have 2 slots underneath the screen i.e one for CDS and one for the navi disk, wonder why this was not done like this on the euro spec ones? seems a much better way Andy
  20. glojo

    Cheap phone calls from the USA

    Have we any advice about making cheap phone calls from the USA? My daughter is off for a fortnight's holiday in Mississippi and we are wondering what the best option is. Someone mentioned a mobile type SKYPE telephone but that sounds complicated :o :o As usual any advice will be graetly...
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