1. S

    mb ML350 2009 USA Comand

    I have a W164 ML350 US Build, I've imported and using it in Europe (Azerbaijan) On the Command Radio system the frequency displayed will change in increments of 0.2 MHz. So I can only set odd numbers. I'd like to set a frequency on 102.6 or 106.0 fm for instance, how could I do that ? Is it...
  2. Colin_b

    Happy Birthday, USA :)

    No comment needed :D
  3. V12

    Import VAT, customs duty etc from USA

    I'm looking to buy a MOST ipod adapter from Singapore. It's listed at half the price I can get it for over here - £160 with £20 postage. It is second hand (don't know whether that matters or it's just the value that things are calculated on. HMRC website is a minefield and i have no clue what...
  4. verytalldave

    Travel to the USA

    My son wants to go to the states for two weeks in August to meet up with his girlfriend who is working out there. Flights are all booked and paid for. Trouble is he has been arrested a few times years ago for minor offences (like drunk and disorderly etc). And therefore the visa waiver program...
  5. G

    Recieved a gift from Mercedes-Benz USA

    I'm from across the pond, and not sure about you guys, but Mercedes Benz corporate has a facebook page dedicated to all their products and allows fans to post up their praise and grievances about the brand. I posted up 3 rather well shot pictures of my family's Mercedes Benzs, and I got an...
  6. K

    Car Insurance in USA

    We are moving to Denver next week ( well Diane is I am going in a few months). We have bought a car over there (VW Tuigan 2.0T 4 Motion ) and are in the process of insuring it for Diane to drive next week. The quotes we are getting are very high - best is $1250 for 6 months. Apparently it will...
  7. K

    Best Value Compact SUV in USA?

    Well our move to Denver is confirmed. The good lady will be going next month to take up a great job with her existing company. It covers Canada and Europe as well so she will be coming home every 2 months and being semi retired I will be able to go over fairly often. Then the plan is for me to...
  8. A

    Any agents in the UK that ship to the USA?

    I need this for a 2005 Smart Cable, parking brake ATE - 24.3727-2802.2 for your car lowest prices - Brakes - Braking system - Cable, parking brake - Cable, parking brake - 24.3727-2802.2 but they don't ship to the U.S. Are there any forwarding agents in the UK that handle that sort of thing? I...
  9. D

    Car hire problems in USA

    Not a Mercedes issue, but one that fellow motoring enthusiasts may be interested in or even able to advise on. In January 2011 I rented a car from Dollar Rent-a-car in Miami for a 2 and a bit week tour of Florida. They took details of my debit card (had to use it because my credit card was...
  10. tasn1

    Top Gear UK vs Top Gear USA

    I have just been watching Top Gear USA (Vette ZR1 vs Fezza 458). It was refreshing, no gimmicks, old school testing. I do miss that on our Top Gear! I want to see more cars not irrelevant journalism!!! I was surprised to see some good reviews from the yanks. How ironic, the yanks teaching us...
  11. smillion

    One owner 500 SEC AMG - USA

    For those that may be interested Mercedes-Benz : 500-Series Mercedes-Benz : 500-Series | eBay High miles but original and genuine it would seem
  12. G

    This looks scrumptious: USA 2.3-16v in Black Blue

    1986 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 16v Cosworth This car is an hour away from me. I love this color. All the 2.3-16's imported to US between 1986-1987 were the ugly champagne/gold color. Not sure how he got this dark blue one but my god it looks beautiful. I'm so tempted to buy this, I've...
  13. spinaltap

    Top Gear USA?

    Has anyone else bothered to watch Top Gear USA on BBC3? For me, I've got so used to watching the original UK version over the years that I found myself wincing at the poor imitation from across the pond.
  14. Gollom

    USA satnav

    We are off to US for 10 days very soon - anybody got a portable satnav with US maps (Nevavda) that they only use for holidays I could borrow? Mine is Europe only and as it is a European iPAQ PDA, updated maps no longer available
  15. G

    1999 C230K Sport (usa)

    Only mods are an Upsolute Chip and air filter!
  16. R

    USA crisis.

    A good account of what the US Gov. is getting up to. You couldn't make it up: SPIEGEL ONLINE 07/29/2011 03:35 PM US Debt Debate Annihilating Democracy with the Tea Party A Commentary by Gregor Peter Schmitz in Washington Democracy depends on compromise and the American government depends on...
  17. W

    Import duty owed on Ebay USA item

    Last month bought an item from a USA Ebay seller (£50 electronic switch). Almost a month later I receive a later from HM Customs saying I owe import duty before this item can be released. (Is is VAT?) I've not yet read the letter myself, but the secretary at work has emailed me this news...
  18. drkknght

    Hello from the USA.

    I am a new member from Dallas, TX USA. I am not new to MB, have owned my 2004 CLK500 for 3 years now. Just join to see how the MB enthusiasts community is like from across the pond. Hope to learn more from this forum. Cheers!
  19. BenzedUP

    Shocking USA e92 M3 crash

    :eek::eek: Makes you think sometimes, take it easy everyone.
  20. grober

    Mb usa service schedule

    Here's a link to MB USA info on service schedules for anyone interested.
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