1. garycat

    Valet parkers and the foot operated parking brake

    I left my C-class coupe with Silver Parking at Bristol Airport last week. You have to hand in your keys to them and they move the car to a more remote and more densely packed part of the car park while you are away. When I returned and checked the footage from my dashcam, I see they didnt...
  2. T

    Mobile car valet N10 london

    Can anyone reccomend a good mobile Car valet /detailer (not sure what the difference is !) for north london (n10) Many thanks
  3. D

    Valet recommendations romford/London

    As the heading says, just seeing what good firms are out there. Am a bit cautious after my mate went to a car wash firm and they soaked the comfort unit under the passenger footwell. So anywhere you've used and got great service would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. K


    Went down to book the wife's car in for a valet today that I paid had for in advance. I got inquisitive and asked how much to give mine the works. £25 as it is a small car I was told, so I told him to go ahead and came back an hour later just as he was finishing up. He used a polish called...
  5. D

    Big Thanks To Valet Magic - De Chrome, Tints & 507 Stripes

    Hi All, Took a visit to Valet Magic on Thursday to have the C63 De Chromed, Tinted and add 507 Stripes. Really pleased with the transformation of the car, and the quality of work. Robbie is a top guy and for anyone who is looking to have something similar done to their C63 I would highly...
  6. Pinion92

    London or Essex valet services???

    Hi all, I have recently purchased my first Mercedes and I had every intention of making the time to keep it top condition but I just don't seem to have the time nor the experience to do it all on a regular basis. Does anyone know of a valet or detailing service worth a mention?
  7. HotJambalaya

    Valet mode?

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that there was a valet mode for my car (10 plate C63). Is there, and if so, how do I use it? I might have to actually valet it today...
  8. Y

    Valet services in surrey ?

    Hi guys ! Can anyone tell me of a good valeting service in the Surrey area ( preferably around the Guildford area) , I want to keep my E350 in the best condition possible but I don't seem to have the time ( or any decent weather lately) to do it & I HATE it being dirty ! Any help would be most...
  9. F

    Valet parking driving my car 70 miles

    Hi :) Valet parked our car for about a week (airport), and came back to see someone had driven it a fair way, some 70 miles according to the paperwork, and it corresponds with the used fuel as well. Anyone has any experience of this, or what I should do? Valet parking company (official...
  10. E

    Valet Parking at Heathrow Terminal 4

    I shall shortly be looking to arrange car parking for a holiday next March, and I'm minded to use a valet parking or Meet & Greet service, at Heathrow TN4. There's a plethora of companies, and booking this early, prices are very reasonable. Does anyone have any recommendations, for or against...
  11. K

    Full interior valet today

    Having just purchased an S320 2004 privately I knew the interior was filthy but have every confidence that our local valeting establishment will be able to bring it back up to scratch. Not sure entirely how they'll clean all the grime out of the cream leather seats, seat belts and panels? For...
  12. kit17

    Mercedes Exterior Valet Pack

    Hello Everyone! I got the above as a Birthday present from my Brother. I tried out all of the products over the weekend and was really pleased with the results. The polish and preserver worked well and were easy to buff in by hand. I've included some photos I took today while we were at...
  13. adam87

    Cream Cloth W210 E Class Interior Valet

    Cream Cloth W210 E Class Interior Valet This isn't a 'How to' thread as I was was pushed for time on this one, but shows what you can achieve with with a few basic cleaning materials probably located somewhere in your home. Henry the Hoover Brushes All Purpose Cleaner (I used Flash on this...
  14. adam87

    How to Valet your Mercedes Exterior

    Here is a quick picture and caption guide on how to keep the outside of your car looking tip top. What You'll Need I have mainly listed the cheaper options to show that you don't have to spend £££'s on single products that would do the same job. Please click on the hyperlinks to see...
  15. Tan

    Cheap car valet deal on group today for London area Tan
  16. adam87

    CLK55 AMG Full Valet + Zaino

    Here is a rather nice CLK55 AMG I valeted for a member on Saturday. It is a 'Mercedes' forum after all... :rolleyes: Finished with two layers of Zaino Z5 mixed with ZFX Couple of Befores and Afters Thanks for looking Adam
  17. adam87

    SLK 200 Kompressor Full Valet

    03 SLK 200 Kompressor Used and abused, regularly driven down muddy, dusty lanes to get to the owners horses. Just a Full Valet to improve the appearance of the car. Before and After pics Exhaust had been sprayed...
  18. Dizwen

    Childseat, removed during MB dealer valet...

    Car has given me a few problems over the passed couple of days, refusing to start, and then running ok a few hours later. AA man told me it was the fuel pump relay so I replaced it with a new one from MB Derby. Also booked the car in for a STAR a week later to see if anything else was a miss...
  19. M

    Airport valet parking - would you?

    I am sick of airport car park transfers in the freezing cold and am attracted by a Meet-and-Greet valet parking offer (you drive to the terminal, they park up your car in a compound). Sounds convenient, but it does involve entrusting your precious Merc keys with these guys for three weeks. Dare...
  20. merc180k

    Recommend a good mobile Valet Firm?

    Hi all, looking for a recommendation from someone for a good mobile valet firm that will either be near to Livingston or will travel for a decent price. Any thoughts? Looking to test them 1st on my wife's car (needs a full valet anyway) then if any good will get them to do the merc...
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