1. O

    VIP Event revisited

    Just had an Email from MB Dealer advising that they had "failed to meet" their sales target for the recent VIP Event and they had 32 cars which "must be sold" (as opposed to what?). Clearly the black and gold curtains and VIP "passes" failed to impress enough locals! It was important that we...
  2. uumode

    Experience of invitation only Mercedes VIP events?

    Has anyone attended one of these by invitation only, Mercedes VIP showroom events? Supposedly there are EXTRA contributions to be had over and above what normally is available. Anyone find they got a particularly good deal? I'm assuming they are possibly on cars they already have in group...
  3. chester


    Has anyone else had the invite to the events this weekend at dealers. I heard yesterday that up to 12k may be coming off some cars. Thinking of popping along just to have a look at whats on show.
  4. Meldrew2

    Easyjet VIP

    Well, it's not exactly the BA Concorde club, but as far as easyJet are concerned, I'm a VIP black card passenger! They are sending these cards out to those passengers who fly with them 20 times or more a year, and they have some pretty valuable benefits. ---A price guarantee - if you find...
  5. E

    Tamworth VIP Tool Bonanza 6.10.12 – All Forum Members Welcome

    Tools Bonanza: Saturday 6 October at the Euro Car Parts, Dordon, Tamworth • Must-attend event for DIY enthusiasts & auto professionals • Huge discounts on power tools, trolley jacks & diagnostic kit • Free Parking, Free refreshments, Prize draw Euro Car Parts...
  6. The _Don

    Nico Rosberg Chauffeurs VIP Guests in a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

    Nico Rosberg Chauffeurs VIP Guests in a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Photo Gallery (339932_10150647582949874_11459059873_10908021_1831935799_o) | eMercedesBenz
  7. Fizzer


    I've been sent an invite to attend a "VIP" weekend at Mercedes Macclesfield. I'm sure many on here have also been sent this "excusive, by invitation only" offer, or have attended one in the past. My question is, is it worth going, with plenty of free stuff,:bannana: or, as I suspect, will it be...
  8. tpwuk

    E220 Coupe W124 Retro VIP

    Projex Design UK : E220 Coupe W124 Retro VIP Immaculate I like that!
  9. jonnylewis

    Japanese VIP Cars

    Just been looking at some Jap style VIP Cars. There are some impressive Mercs out there. Whats the general opinion of them? i think i really like them, bit of inspiration perhaps.:D
  10. Satch

    Drivers face £5k VIP lane fines

    Well well. Now the Olympic venues and the areas around them will be car free zones. But of course not if you are a special person. And you will have up 150 miles of dedicated road to get you there. "Proposed...
  11. kbhogalW126

    2 Adult and 4 childrens VIP tickets for Brands Hatch BTCC on Sunday

    I will have 2 adult and 4 children's VIP tickets in my possession on Saturday Afternoon. If anyone is interested, I don't know what these things are worth, make me an offer via a PM. I was going to go myself but something else has come up. I can meet about 6pm tomorrow (saturday) in the...
  12. D

    VIP Style - Custom Split Rim Alloys, 5% discount for MB Club UK Members Our company, VIP Style would like to offer all MB Club UK members an additional 5% discount when purchasing any of our alloy wheels. This reduction will be applied over and above any existing special offers Our wheel range currently concentrates on Work Wheels...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    OT: Anyone have any spare Nintendo VIP points?

    Hi, Im hoping to have 4500 points on Dec 1st to get hold of a copy of the Zelda Collection disc for my GAMECUBE. Currently I have 3800 points. I was wondering if anyone on here has any of the Nintendo VIP cards still (they come on a card in 1st party games. Thanks in advance
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