1. wu56Shoozz

    W639 111CDi Sun Visors

    Does anyone know if a Viano Visors are plug & Play, i.e the loom is there in the roof to illuminate the mirrors? The Missus wants her vanity back.. so ordered to Viano visors with illumination.. Anyone? :dk:
  2. Sbryantgb

    W124 illuminated visors

    One pair of tan illuminated visors in good condition, with harness (maybe partial, since I never got around to installing these).These can be painted to match your interior. £39 the pair shipped Any questions please email me Thanks for looking Steve
  3. Sbryantgb

    W124 illuminated visors

    Error Mods please delete, browser kept crashing during upload.
  4. R

    Sun Visors

    Hi all, new boy on the forum just got me a 2014 flint grey sport x. Only thing not liking at the mo is the very small sun visors, as I sit low in the seat the visor dose not cut out the sunglare. The ones in my vivaro work van are perfect but will not fit the vito.Anyone know of anything that...
  5. M

    W124 Illuminated Sun Visors fitting

    Hi, Has anyone fitted these to their W124? Any tips or advice would be great. I have the visors, clips and wiring. Thanks Amer
  6. Hartzpartz

    R129 (SL) Sun Visors (Dark Blue).

    I know that it's quite hard to find these in good condition with the vanity mirror cover hinges intact, but please let me know if you have any lying around that you wish to sell. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    W204: Cheap feeling sun visors

    In the great scheme of things, a very minor annoyance, but still surprised by the very cheap feeling sun visors in the W204? Hard, nasty plastic material, and looks out of place in the rest of the interior (all IMHO of course!). Would the sun visors from e.g. an E class (W212) fit, and if...
  8. Justin1600

    Will W201 Sun visors fit a w202 ?

    As title, found a set of 190E Sun visors that are the right colour for my C43. Don't want to buy them if they are not going to fit :thumb:
  9. C

    Do most recent Mercedes have flimsy Sun visors

    In my 09 w204 sport the sunvisors are made out of some kind of black polystyrene like material, is this in all the w204's or just the sport? I dont like them but no big deal. Are they also in other Mercedes? Thanks.
  10. V12

    211 sun visors retrofitted to other vehicles.

    I've searched this and didn't find any info so thought i'd start a thread which may be useful to others. I miss driving a 211 because of the 2 part visor which is excellent when your constantly changing angles and in most other cars you only have the one visor to flip back and forth. I...
  11. shanksy

    W124 Cream Sun Visors

    Got a pair of cream sun visors including the clips and screws up for grabs. If anyone's interested PM before I stick 'em on ebay. These are not the illuminated ones however the passenger visor does have a mirrir Ta
  12. D

    w124 drivers visors on convertible

    mine is in black and is broken and now missing!!, i wondered if anybody knows if this part is interchangeable with either one from w129 sl or clk convertible. as new from mercedes it costs £160 yes £160 for one side (drivers side). any advise is appreciated:bannana:
  13. c13tay

    dimming rvm and illuminated sun visors

    Have a 1998 facelift c240 elegance which doesnt have either of the above has anyone got a list of the parts required to fit these ? thanks
  14. D

    W124 Black Leather Visors with Vanity Mirrors & illumination

    Mercedes Sun Visors Black Leather Vanity Mirror W124 on eBay (end time 07-Jan-10 15:44:30 GMT)
  15. gurpz

    W123 Illuminating Sun Visors

    Any W123 owners with a black interior fancy a mod ?
  16. markjay

    Visors With Illuminated Vanity Mirrors for W203?

    Looking at the HowTo section 'Visors With Illuminated Vanity Mirrors - Facelift W202': I realised that it should be much simpler to do this for the W203, because the illumination is in the roof and not inside the sun visor (so no need to...
  17. C

    sun visors (W124/W201/300E)

    looking for driver side sunvisor with mirror/lights in black, must have the extendible arm and in good working condition or just the mirror bit ^^ (right hand side for non UK/jap ppls:P)
  18. NW_Merc

    A new take on illuminated visors

    Yes some of us have illuminated sun visors either factory fitted or modded by ourselves. However what does everyone think of these?
  19. Thmsshaun

    W202 Sun Visors

    Forsale are a pair of W202 sunvisors £15 delivered
  20. Howard

    Grey w124 illuminated sun visors :cool:
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