1. S

    Missing 2 volts?

    Hi, I've looked at the forum and searched but struggled to find a answer, but I've been puting this off for months now and as cooler nights aren't far away I need answers. My c320 cdi is slow starting, to much cranking, I fitted a set of Bosch heater plugs then a new (Beru) relay, then a second...
  2. Aidank

    S Class 2008 Front 12 volts wiring socket info please

    Hi i have a camera and and adapter which I want to piggy back the live power feed off the front 12 volt socket .Before i blow a fuse could anyone tell me which is the live,ground and one will be the light I guess Many Thanks
  3. S

    Alternator Charging at 16.13 volts

    On trying to trace the problem with ABS brakes I decided to check the charge voltage from the Alternator.It reads 16.13 volts. I am sure this is high which to my mind points to a faulty OVP relay. It would explain the ABS light being on and the reluctant starting.Can anybody tell me what the...
  4. finisterre

    full beam has volts but nothing happens

    hi my old vito 638 is playing me for a fool - MOT fail on offside full beam -if I put the headlights on and choose full beam the nearside light is fine and the offside is not working first I tried four bulbs then tested them on the nearside. no progress. I checked the earth - it made no...
  5. S

    Ignition controlled 12 volts

    Hi all, just got a w203, 53 plate c180k & spent Saturday afternoon fitting a Parrot i9100 phone system. No real problems, got it all up & running, only problem was I could not find an ignition controlled 12 volts:dk:. It was getting late, the light was fading & I needed the car for a long...
  6. A

    12 volt - 240 volts AC inverter

    12 volt - 230/240 - 50hz volts AC inverter - 800 watts constant power modified sinewave inverter with 2 kw peak (surge) power in perfect working order but the case has a few scratches and marks as you'd expect from it being used on a regular basis 2 x 13 amp 3 pin plug output, fan cooled (but...
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