Alternator Charging at 16.13 volts

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Aug 2, 2012
Mercedes 300e
On trying to trace the problem with ABS brakes I decided to check the charge voltage from the Alternator.It reads 16.13 volts. I am sure this is high which to my mind points to a faulty OVP relay. It would explain the ABS light being on and the reluctant starting.Can anybody tell me what the charging rate should be? I thought between 13.05 and 14 volts was correct?
You are correct about the voltage, but it won't be the OVP, more likely either the regulator or battery/connections.
If the battery is open circuit the regulator voltage will float up, alternatively the regulator is toast.
I believe up to 14.8 is fine. 16 does seem high. have you checked that your meter is is calibrated? What does it show across your battery with the engine off?
I have two meters and both have new batterys.
Rectified the problem.Loose battery connection. Now if I can just dort the abs out I will be happy. Have a New OVP and ABS Relays coming so hopefully it will sort itself.Cleaned all the sensors etc. Only just bought car but it was M.O.T'D the day before and as far as I know ABS would have been fine to pass it's mot. I did have to jump start it due to flat battery and I am told that can sometimes interfer with the OVP RELAY?
Checked fuse first and replaced with a new one just in case.It hadn't blown but thought I'd change fuse anyway.Thats why I think it's the relay itself. Oh and thanks for all the suggestions etc.Much apprieciated
Well after much swearing and the like I finally found out what the problem was.The OVP relay has a bad contact. Moving it about and all of a sudden the car ran smooth as silk and the abs like went out. have resoldered the wires on the plug that goes onlo OVP relay.The plastic covers do come off with a bit of effort. So hopefully thats it.Just goes to show that sometimes the problem is easy to sort but bloody hard to diagnose! Thanks again for all the help.

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