1. I

    W140 V8 400/420/500 front exhaust section / catalytic convertor

    Hi All, As per the title I am in need of a new front section/cat. I have an old one with melted internals to swap to cover scrap value if interested or just a normal sale Also if people are aware of what they are worth scrap wise and where close to London(Uxbridge) I could sell it that might...
  2. merc85

    w140 7ltr Amg v12

    Rare Mercedes W140 600SEL 7.0l S70 AMG V12 | eBay
  3. L

    Anyone looking for a nice W140 S500 Coupe?

    Hi All, Selling my 94 S500 Coupe. I haven't met the criteria for posting a proper ad but I thought as it's a fairly rare car it might be of interest to someone on here. Full details on ebay or you can message me for details. I am a regular forum user but have tended to put my posts on...
  4. gr1nch

    W140 - the worlds first autonomous car

    https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/classic/history/mercedes-benz-s-class-w-140/ Fascinating article from Mercedes. The one of a 400SEL following the Mille Miglia route is fun too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d...
  5. P

    R129 W140 black leather and walnut steering wheel

    ....after a 1995 (pre facelift airbag) black leather and walnut steering wheel for an SL. Hen's teeth i know but worth a shot!
  6. yojay

    W140 Non-SLS Rear Suspension Sag (98' S420)

    As titled I have a 98' S420 W140 without SLS, and the rear suspension runs too low. As you might be able to see from the (random, crappy) pictures, the rear has about 1" of clearance between the arch and top of the tyre wall. A couple of MB specialists, PCS, WGMB and Starwerx, have seen the...
  7. I

    W140 M119 siezed, help!

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of help from the forum. I have acquired a non running W140 500SE, I was told that it was cranking but not starting. Anyway I now have the car, when trying to start it the starter would click but not turn the engine. I assumed it was a jammed starter so decided to...
  8. Z

    W140 pictures

    Well I seem to have managed to load these photo's The car is a 1995 S600 one owner until last year when it had 3000,miles on the clock it has lived all it's life in Mayfair in a underground car park,the new owner is using it as a daily run about and has put on another 11,000 miles the photos...
  9. BAZ-500SL

    W140 s500 1992

    Hello guys needs a bit of help, there is a very annoying beeping sound coming from the w140 s500 it's a 1992, and when you drive all you hear is a beep it's about 2-3 seconds long and sometimes even longer just wondering what it could be many thanks
  10. K

    W140 modding options advise needed.

    Hi guys.I have a 1996 S280 with a low mileage so just wondering what the options are.Anyone fitted a turbo/supercharger kit or fitted engine swap etc.Any info will be beneficial.
  11. A

    w140 suspension

    Hi to all need advice will shocks front and rear fit from merc e class w210 to w140 s class Regards Andy
  12. W

    W140 Wings

    Has anybody any experience of buying front wings for this model? I'm wanting to replace both mine over the winter and wondered if anybody had good/bad/indifferent experiences with pattern ones. There's various ones around but the guy who'll be fitting and painting them warned me that a bad copy...
  13. ash59fifty-uk

    Rallying a W140!

    Crazy stuff https://www.facebook.com/AmonOliver93/videos/1129650923788666/
  14. B

    noisy engine W140

    I think I have the noisiest Hydraulic lifter tapping in the West Midland, my car a CL (W140) 4.2 1997 drives fine oil pressure good but need to sort it - have put in an additive but no joy - does anyone think another engine flush and oil change is worth a shot ? Does anyone know anyone close to...
  15. L

    W140 s500

    £4,500 ovno 112,400 miles See full advert here: Used 1998 Mercedes-Benz S Class S500 L for sale in West Sussex | Pistonheads Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133746415@N08/albums/72157671638932973
  16. Haris

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 - Gearbox fault

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 MOT Aug 2017 Mileage: 130k 2.8L Straight six Double glazed windows Soft close doors and boot Electric mirrors Cream leather interior Climate control Rear parking markers Dual-zone climate control Rear passenger illuminated vanity mirrors. Adjustable lumbar...
  17. M

    Servicing S500 W140

    Anyone know of a good honest independent garage in Milton keynes that services Mercedes?
  18. M

    W140 s500

    Silly question but what does "S" and "W" mean on the gear box I heard "S" is Summer and "W" is Winter I find W more economical than S so should I just leave it in W? On my previous E300 "S" was sport and "E" Economy
  19. M

    W140 s500

    Can anyone advise what the recommended tyres are for a W140 S500 Looking at Michelin/Dunlop/Continental
  20. Ventolin

    W140 S320 Overheating help!

    Hi, My S320 W140 started overheating one day - heard knocking sounds then bubbling / gurgling and noticed the temp had shot up to 120C. Pulled over and turned the engine off and let it cool down. Couldn't drive it for more than 3 minutes after that having to pull over and let the engine...
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