1. M

    W164 AMG wheels

    Thinking of swapping my sport 19" wheels for AMG wheels. Where would a good place be to source them? Thanks
  2. -AJC-

    Wanted - ML W164 Rear Propshaft

    Desperately need a replacement rear propshaft for my 2006 ML 320 CDI. The car is fitted with the off-road package and consequently the propshaft is approx 60mm shorter than standard. The correct part number is A1644101502, which has since been superseded by A1644103202. If you have one...

    W164 wing mirrors touch doors??

    Hi guys. 1st post on here so be nice lol. I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a...
  4. clk320x

    W164 ML advice/owners

    At the beginning of 2018 I will be on the hunt for a ML Will be looking for a cash buy, no finance nonsense for me Budget would be between £5-6k With that budget will be looking for a W164s around 2005-2006 with 100k-130k miles The mileage doesn't put me off in the slightest What...
  5. G

    2006 ML320CDI with loads of codes out of the blue W164

    Hello guys, a good mate of mine, had bought a couple of months ago an ML320CDI. Everything was ok with the car until he towed his trailer a week ago, after doing about 40miles with the trailer the car was not shifting properly and it went in limp mode with the EML light on. I went yesterday...
  6. V

    W164 When 320 CDI to 350 CDI

    W164 When 280 CDI change to 320 CDI Hi all, We don't have an ML yet, still looking. We have decided we want a 280 CDI or 320 CDI I see some changes, but I am sure there are more which I haven't spotted. The front headlights The steering wheel The wheels look different also...
  7. hercules

    W164 front left door lock

    A1647201735 is the part number for a W164 2006 YM front left door lock. Can some one tell me if there is an other variant part number for this model year. I searched all the net and nothing comes up only direct from the dealer for around £430 !!!!!!
  8. ab9758

    W164 AMG engine "ticking time bomb" (!!??)

    Just had a buyer pull out of buying my 2007 ML63 AMG the night before collection. He's done a fair bit of research (I think first time buyer of AMGs) but had a very troubling conversation with someone from Mercedes (I think senior but unsure who or where from). Essence was that the AMG 6.3...
  9. M

    Airmatic suspension Relay w164 /×164

    Hi could any one tell me the what Each pin does on the relay And where the wires go from under the sam unit Please Thanks
  10. C

    W164 heated seat issue

    Hi my drivers heated seat appears to be only heating my back and not the base. Anyone had similar problem and is there any diy fix ? Cheers CB Just noticed i should of posted this in "interior "
  11. U

    W164 ML Tailgate query

    Hi all, I have a problem with the tailgate on my ML. The powered part no longer works and its due to something I did :wallbash: One of the lifting arm bolts broke so I drilled out the old bolt, fitted new ones and then put the arm back on. Now it no longer opens electrically. I had it...
  12. E

    Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your thoughts, please. My 126K ML undergoes quite a pronounced judder when gently accelerating/decelerating between about 20 - 60 mph. The tracking and alignment have been checked and all ok, as has the suspension and shocks. My local dealer suggests the problem is...
  13. H

    Live outlet W164

    Looking for permanent 12v outlet for fridge is there one or do they have one like s211 where you move fuse to make permanent?
  14. M

    W164 ntg2.5 - ml350 - eq

    Hi Guys, Yes a quick question - in sound settings, is there only really Bass, Treble and Fade? Quite disappointing that there isn't more of a GFX EQ or a way to adjust mids - loud, but not great sound. Any hidden menu's or sound profiles I can access instead if there isn't? Thanks
  15. M

    Map Updates for ML320 and ML350 (W164) Advice Needed Please

    Hello Everyone, I need some help before I contact MB, so that I know I am asking the right thing :-) I have recently purchased an 2010 ML350 and a family member already has a 2006 ML320. I think the map updates are about £150 from MB, but I cannot find the command model on one of them...
  16. W

    W164 rear SAM unit gone

    Last Thursday I got a mrssagebon the dash saying that my brake lights had gone and I had to change. The backup light were turned on and wouldn't turn off. So I bought a paid and changed both but the message remained. I took the car to Andy Gayle who told me today that its the SAM unit that is...
  17. E

    W164 2006 (55 plate) 320CDI wing mirror swap to 2010 version

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help. I've just acquired my ML and would like to update the wing mirrors to the bigger 2010 version. Does anybody know what part numbers I would need, please? I'll probably need to get them from a dealer as they seem to be pretty rare on eBay. This is all, of...
  18. zenman63

    ML w164 tow bar for sale

    I have a genuine tow bar neck for sale Part number A164 310 02 56 with key £50, vgc. I also have a Westfalia ML w164 tow bar with NO neck, and the one above does not fit. £50 with electric's etc.
  19. OCD BAL

    ML63 AMG (W164) performance upgrade

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend an ECU upgrade for my 2007 ML63 AMG? The car is currently standard and all I've done so far is replaced the resonators with straight pipes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. C

    W164 2007 tail gate stuck closed

    Hi all, anyone had similar experiences with the soft close tailgate? It's been playing up a lately with what sounds like gears /cogs slipping when it tried to pull itself closed ,but it always did after a couple of goes.It closed without the soft " pull in" tonight(like a standard tailgate) and...
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