1. T

    Oil Filler Cap extremely tight W202 V6

    I've noticed this over the last few years, the Oil Filler cap on the wifes W202 seems to be getting harder and harder to get off. I now have to try and do it after a run when everythings Hot . I have before on occasion used a pair of molegrips wrapped with a towel. Is it time to replace it ? is...
  2. Seank791

    W202 C250TD rear brakes sticking on

    Hi guys I'm new around here, I've found a fault in my W202 C250TD manual, where the rear brakes are sticking on, now I've already replaced the rear callipers, discs and pads. And the problem had appeared to be fixed, the brake pedal was still slightly spongy but brakes seemed OK after a good...
  3. noogieman

    FS: W202 - W208 - W210 AMG 300KM/H cluster

    selling my AMG cluster. this is a geniune part give me an offer for this cluster and you might get lucky? I also have genuine VDO AMG 300KM/H facedials I can sell one of these. give me an offer for it
  4. R

    1996 W202 Alarm - how do you stop it?

    Hi, I have a 1996 W202 C180 Estate. I'm trying to disconnect the battery so I can replace a failed alternator. However, when I take off the battery earth (I mean the main 12V battery in the boot), after about five seconds the alarm starts sounding. Replace the earth and it stops immediately. If...
  5. S

    Wanted Interior and Seats W202

    Looking to freshen up the interior of my 1999 W202 C250 TD Elegance saloon. Leather seats and door cards in either grey, beige, cream or black. Ideally manual not electric, but may change mind depending on whats available, Must come with matching door cards as I will change over entire...
  6. A

    w202 ac compressor

    Andbody out their with a serviceable w202 c320 ac compressor unit, pleas let in as they are unobtainable in SOUTH AFRICA. and our rxchange rate is going for a loop
  7. L

    w202 windscreen wiper mechnism

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my wiper mechanism (C180 1998). Followed the links that have been posted....many thanks & very helpful. Followed the process to fix but it does need replacing :( I have located 2001/2002 C class and would be most great full if anyone could advise that the wiper...
  8. L

    W202 C200 suspensions

    I drove my wife's car yesterday on the motorway and found it to be too unstable even at 60mph. It felt as if the suspensions are too soft, but she hadn't noticed as she drives in town only (hardly over 40mph). Although the mileage is relatively low (80k) I guess after ~16 years the shocks are...
  9. R

    W202 C180 caliper swap

    I want some more stopping power for my C180. Are there any other MB calipers that I can fit from the bigger motored W202s ? There is a sticky thread detailing this stuff, but none of the attached links seem to be current ? Somebody mention a C230 Komp ? Thanks in advance.
  10. R

    W124 W202 W210 MAF sensors

    Hi All, Just thought I'd share a bit of good fortune. I recently had to buy a new MAF sensor for my W124 E220 Coupe and ended up finding one on Ebay for £35. I was dubious about the price but thought it might be worth the risk and I could return it if it wasn't the real deal. Turns out...
  11. D

    W202 not upshifting and then not allowing reverse selection

    Hi All, Looking at buying an X' reg c220 auto W202 which only has one fault. Once drive is initially selected it won't up shift, stays in first. When you give up it then won't let you push the lever any higher than neutral ie, you can't select reverse, unless you turn the engine off! Having just...
  12. S

    W202 alarm specialist needed

    My C36 has developed an alarm issue whereby it will not always switch off, the two lights flash away for ages, when they eventually stop it has not disarmed, so I have to keep locking and unlocking until the lights work in the correct sequence. Fob batteries are ok. Taken it to an...
  13. poormansporsche

    where do W202 diffs leak from ???

    Afternoon, my w202 diff has been leaking for ages and really ought to be sorted. I went into MB to buy some new seals but the would only sell me seals for where the prop goes into the diff and where the driveshafts come out of the diff. Its a big ole mess under there but it looks like to me...
  14. c200_impressor

    ASR faulty on my W202 C200 1998

    Hi. The ASR on my C200 W202 hasn't worked since I bought the car 5 years ago. On startup the yellow triangle in the middle of the speedo lights up and goes off as do all other lights. The ASR button on the console has no effect... the 'ASR off' warning light on dash does not light up. When...
  15. D

    C250 W202 transmission problem.

    While driving my otherwise super-reliable 1997 C250TD on Christmas Eve, I noticed a burning smell which was very obvious after I parked but I couldn't trace the source. The next morning the auto transmission wouldn't (and hasn't since) changed out of what I think is second gear (limp mode?) I...
  16. Darrell

    Gotta love a W202

    Way back in 2004 we bought our W202. It's long gone now but at the time my in laws were so impressed that they bought one as well. A 250 diesel in Elegance trim in silver. Last night we met up with them for the first time in 8 years (long story) and sitting outside the house was their car...
  17. 420SE

    W202 C220CDI Stuck In Park, Won't Budge

    Hi guys, my issue is that I can't get my W202 out of 'Park'. Before posting I did a general search and one of the ways around this problem as a temp solution, is to press down some sort of switch or button with a screw driver / chop stick / whatever is handy, but that doesn't seem to have solved...
  18. A

    w202 c240 Mercedes Benz 1999

    Anyone know how I can get a schematic diagram of the cpu for the engin management with a 112910 v6 2400cc motor
  19. D

    w202 blower control loight

    Hi folks When lights are on the light on the control nearest to driver (right side dial) doesnt come on. I have tried swapping the little bulb/light inside and it made no diffrence Any ideas?
  20. J

    W202 - Worst MB car ever?

    As much as i love the benz brand i cannot help but feel buyers of his w202 were ripped off. I bought a 1998 C200 with only 48k miles with full MB service history - a completely immaculate car. The car now has 63 miles on it but ill list all the stuff that has gone wrong with it Failure of...
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