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    Wheels refurbed in a gunmetal grey
  2. Campoos90

    Help with Warranty needed

    Hello everyone Last weekend I went to carry the service of my w204 in the MB dealership and they found that the turbo intercooler pipe was completely blown up. The AA warranty said that they two things. 1. They do not cover pipes or hoses... 2. IMPORTANT*** ' The dealer cancelled the...
  3. G

    Carbon fibre front lip for facelift w204

    Bought a carbon front lip from rush design uk. They make all there stuff in house so no crap carbon from China. Not much need for me anymore as it's just arrived after 1 month of ordering!!! Now the car is sold. Bought for just under £300. It's brand new so I'm looking to get most of my...
  4. 4

    w204 c220 cdi 2009 DPF off

    Hello all. I want to DPF off the car . So far I have the ECU file with DPF off ready to be flashed .But what should I do before that?? After that do I have to remove the DPF from the car?? Thanks in advance
  5. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  6. johnlewis1964

    W204 Audio upgrade.

    Hi folks new guy again what is a good all round stereo upgrade for my car many thanks.
  7. A

    W204 C63 Rear bumper/arch flares.

    Some cars have the 2 piece flares on some have just a small flare on the back bumper. Why is this ? Option ?
  8. EDDIE12

    W204 C63 Saloon parts

    Am selling a few parts that I've removed from my 2014 W204 C63 saloon. All in perfect condition. All prices are plus postage. Will be a few days before I get a chance too get pictures for anyone interested (sorry). :thumb: RW Carbon AMG style rear spoiler - £180.00 OEM DRL chrome trims - £80.00...
  9. J

    C63 W204 Saloon

    My car is up for sale :) performance pack and other additional features Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 4dr Auto 6.2
  10. D

    W204 Sequence of replacing parts frontend

    As follow-up on my previous post I'm replacing damaged parts of my C230. The parts to be replaced are: front bumper assembly both headlamps both headlamp frames radiator/AC condenser/PS oilcooler bonnet/grill RF fender front-bottom enginebay cover To get it all nicely lined up and for...
  11. A

    Wanted: w204, C63 507 edition in white

    As above really, preferably as close to london as possible but willing to travel. Thanks
  12. T

    c63 w204 brake pads?

    Hi guys, needing my brake pads changed, what would you recommend? manage to source oem front and rear for £350 inc sensors, £200 front and £150 rears, my local indi is charging me £100 for labour. has anyone else tried TRW? or would OEM be the best bet? i dont do track days.
  13. K

    2013 W204 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Saloon for sale

    Due to moving back to Australia, time has come to sell my car. I've looked into taking it with me but unfortunately it's too much hassle for me to deal with right now so here I am. Specs of the car are as follows: - 13 Plate W204 C63 AMG - Diamond White - Approx 39k miles - Two previous owners...
  14. V

    W204 C63 alignment issues

    a few months ago I had my C63 aligned by a "specialist" local to me on a John Bean machine, after a few attempts he still couldn't get the steering wheel straight. Took the car off the road a for a few months and went today to have it realigned on a hunter machine and instead of the wheel...
  15. mbzclk

    Mercedes C63 AMG W204 - Facelift

    Hi guys, Been a while for me since I sold my CLK, but I've been waiting to find the right C63 before I return to Mercedes - I'm fed up of running a shed... I need to get your thoughts on must haves and so on... Must have for me 2012 Facelift (125 edition) > Pano Roof COMAND with...
  16. S

    W204 Comand Question

    Hi All. I recently added a DAB kit to my stereo and removed the head unit so that I could get to an ignition live. The problem is I have put it back together and now the heated seats and parking sensor buttons do not work. I reconnected 3 leads to the airvents. Can anyone assist me? I...
  17. S

    W204 - Service Intervals

    Hi I have W204 C180 Dec 2011 reg date Just had B service @ 60k miles completed Went to check the next service, it is showing as 9000 I thought the service interval was 15000 or 12 months,which ever came first Any one can advise why the Service Assist is showing 9k? thanks
  18. Y

    64 Plate W204 C63 Coupe

    Hi all, Firstly the app wouldn't allow me to make a post in cars for sale so I've had to make the post here. I have a 64 plate c63 for sale which kills me to do so! I've only had the car for a few months and it still has warranty on the car because it is less than 3 years old. I also have...
  19. G

    W204 c220 screaching noise

    Hi all, basically when i go to full lock i get a screaching noise from the front of the car. A couple of days ago i put the a/c on and it done the same. Im presuming its the power steering pump thats on its way out ive checked the fluid and its fine. Tonight i took the aux belt off and turned...
  20. E

    Plugs on the rear of the w204 ntg4.5

    HI can any one tell me what the blue connector on the back of the stereo is, cannot find any stereos with that colour connection
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