1. D

    E350 Estate Auto W212 Suspension fault & Bonnet open issue

    Good evening, Having collected my rather stunning MB E350 Estate Auto the jam has been removed from my donut.... I found it sat on its rear arches in the morning and returns to driving height in a staggering 20 seconds 1st issue! Then I opened the bonnet to check out the power centre and...
  2. D

    W212 reverse beep disabling

    I live in Japan where cars have this really annoying feature whereby whenever I select Reverse the car start to beep, only on the inside, to warn me of the fact that I am about tho back up. I know FFS, I selected that gear! I'd like to know how to disable it using Star. I have a C3 system...
  3. pmcgsmurf

    W212 E250 CDI Sport (2010) Modification Suggestions ?

    Hi folks I'm getting itchy fingers with one of the 2010 E250 CDI Sport cars. ;) Anyone any suggestions on what I could add? Was thinking maybe LED sills or puddle lights or similar but any suggestions appreciated. It has 16k miles, Panoramic Roof, Comand, DAB, Climate, Leather heated...
  4. D

    2013 W212 E250 CDI Accelerator Pedal Replacement

    After only having the car for 6 weeks and it only having covered 29k from new with full MBSH and only driving it a handful of times, I am a little miffed to say the least:- Week 2 saw the EML come on and 'limp home mode' - suspected clogged DPF issue which disappeared after a can of snake...
  5. S

    W212 Aluminium Bonnet For Sale.

    I have an aluminium bonnet for sale purchased new from Europarts for £345.00 15 months ago. It's in black primer and still in the cardboard delivery carton. Unmarked and purchased for my own car a W212 E350 CDI Saloon. A change of plans means it is now surplus. I live in North Shropshire and...
  6. Frankor

    W212 E220 Towbar for sale

    I removed the towbar from my E220 W212 (2014) hoping to fit it to my E220 AMG Line W213 (2017). Unfortunately the mountings are different so that was a no-go. I have since had a new Towbar fitted, and so the removed bar is in my garage if anyone is interested? The Towbar (2 years old and in...
  7. M

    2011 E200 W212 OM651 722.6 - Rattling Noise - Help?

    My car has developed a very unhealthy noise a few days ago. I have stopped driving it. I need to know how to get it diagnosed and to whom it should be taken. Video/Audio: https://youtu.be/Tlb2OoCpZ9c SYMPTOMS: 1. When you start the car, from inside the car you can hear an erratic metallic...
  8. yuriboy

    20" alloys on a w212

    hi all , i have picked up some 20"wheels front are 8.5" & et35 and rears are 9" & et 42 and i am looking for what tyres to fit to them for my 59 reg 350cdi (sport) anyone know what will fit without any rubbing . thanks
  9. M

    W212 220cdi remap

    Hi guys, tried looking bit can't find much info on whether or not I should get the dpf removed/gutted when the car goes in for a remap. It's a late 2012 220cdi amg sport with only 63k miles so no problems just wanted to know if it will make any difference to the remap if it is in or out
  10. CarlPea

    E63 W212 - Air released when parked.

    Hi, I've got an E63 W212 and once I've parked up I can hear an air valve releasing pressure every couple of, maybe five, minutes, even a few hours after I've parked up. The rear of the car doesn't drop at all, even after leaving for a week +, so I'm assuming it's normal?
  11. FateSynchro

    Clutch relearn/Gearbox reset - E63 W212

    My box is a bit less smooth first thing on a morning and sometimes after been stood (hot) for a few hours, usually 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are the two that make a more obvious shift, its not mega rough or anything but there is a noticeable difference between the rest of the shifts. I have...
  12. oldhamm

    W212 17" or 19"? Diamond or Alloy?

    I recently bought a W212 facelift saloon that came with 19" AMG alloys (A2124014702 for those so inclined) which I managed to kerb twice and then hit a pothole on the A13 at 65 mph which made me think I'd hit a wall. I resolved to revert to a set of the original factory 17" (A2124015602) which I...
  13. N

    Oil leak. E350cdi w212 2011

    Hi all. I think I've found where there's an oil leak but I don't know what switch it is. Can anyone confirm? TIA
  14. FateSynchro

    W212 - Knocking suspension help?

    My E63 S has 33k on the clock, i've stuck 11k miles on her in about 4 months now her main duties are simmering down i have time to sort any niggles out. My main one is tyres and brakes which have been addressed, the next issues i have is an annoying knocking sound over rough surfaces. Its...
  15. B

    W212 E class 2014 e220cdi reverse camera

    Hi Recently purchased a 2014 E class and wanted to know how it easy it would be to install a reverse Camera. I'm pretty good with car electronics but wanted to know if it would be a plug and play scenario? thanks
  16. B

    W212 Seat material?

    My 2014 W212 E250 petrol AMG trim has seats with ARTICO outer panels, plus a velour type of artificial suede in the seat back and seat squab panels. The previous owner has used a child seat in the rear and it's base has marked the velour material making it different in appearance to the...
  17. p2djx

    W212 - Gearbox Mode Selection

    Hi All, 2010 E350 CDi. As you know the gearbox has 3 modes, C, S and M. Comfort, Sport and Manual. The gearbox default seems to be C however I much prefer the S mode. Is there a way to change the default ? other than having to manually select S each time I get in the car ? :confused:
  18. P

    W212 E63 Tyres

    Hi Guys, I have a set of offset winter tyres in the garage form a previous car and wonder if people think they would fit the E63 (W212 2015) ? Winter tyres are: Front 255/40 19 Rears 275/35 19 Thoughts appreciated, if no good will eBay them but thought its worth a check first. Prawn
  19. AMV

    E Class W212 / C207

    Hi there new merc member here, my first query! I have a question in regards to the wheel size on the coupe being different from saloon/estate. I currently have 18inch standard wheels on the car but i would like to upgrade to the optional 19inch alloys however i've seen a few variants...
  20. B

    Mega spec mercedes e63 w212 bi turbo ppp

    Morning Guys, The below F/S is exclusive to MBCLUB members before I list on Pistonheads next week. Description The car is a 2012 Mercedes E63 PP and is fully loaded. The car has only done 44K miles and has a Mercedes extended warranty until March 18. The car has had a service plan all...
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