1. S

    Vito W447 centre console

    Hi Folks, newbie here so thanks in advance for taking your time to read this. I've recently bought a new W447 Compact CrewVan for family outings/ trips etc. Absolutely love it, well spec'd and very comfy but my only gripe is that cabin storage is very poor and there's no proper cup holder. (I...
  2. BTB 500

    W447 V Class tailgate, opening glass

    Parked alongside a W447 V220 today and saw that the glass on the tailgate opened independently, which is a nice feature. Is this standard? Anybody know if it's available on the W447 Vito as well?
  3. D

    W447 Vito service intervals.

    Sorry to ask the most basic of questions: I was led to believe that the service intervals on w447 Vito was 24,000m or 2 years. However, there's a countdown on my dash currently saying "12 days to service" The van is just coming up to one year old and just over 5,000 miles. Can...
  4. G

    Vito W447 - Wind Deflectors

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any and if they are worth purchasing? If so what brand have you gone for? Kind regards Gregs
  5. S

    W447 MB Mud Flaps - fitting instructions

    Hi all Newbie question as I searched and couldn't find the answer although some peeps seem to have mud flaps fitted. Got some MB mudflaps but there are no instructions with them. Fronts seem an easy fit having offered the up but, the rears not so. Anyone have any guides or guidance or the MB...
  6. F

    W447 Vito Wheel load rating question

    Hi all, Im looking at a set of these for my Vito Genuine Mercedes New Vito/V-Class (WDB447) "19" 5-Spoke Black Alloy Wheel Set I noticed at the base of the advert, it says not for 3.05t, in my v5 document, it said max permissible mass - 3050kg, Will these not fit my van? I don't think...
  7. F

    Vito W447 Lowering springs question

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting the Vito sport lowered, it seems to ride quite high at the back (I dont usually have a heavy load in the back too) Just wondering what set people would recommend? Also would it be the same drop all the way round, or lower at the front than the rear? Sorry...
  8. F

    W447 Vito rattle from the rear

    Hi all I've recently purchased a W447 Vito, I've noticed that there is some rattling, coming from the rear of the van, seems to be coming from the sliding doors, or the rear tailgate, just wondering if anyone with a Vito has had the same experience, the cabin is great and rattle free...
  9. Gaz-M

    VITO W447- New Van Points, and Some Mods Advice..?

    After buying my new Vito 116 a few months ago Im still loving it. A few minor things Ive noticed though and wondered if any other owners have the same thing... 1: I get a static shock nearly every time I get out the van- very obvious! 2: Whirring noise from brakes if braking hard at...
  10. G

    Vito W447 Bumper Removal?

    Hi, I pick up my Vito today and have ordered a tow bar that I will look to fit myself, but wondered if anyone can provide any guidance to removing the rear bumper? Does anyone have a workshop manual for one or know where I can get one? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Gregs79
  11. G

    Vito W447 - Convenience Window Option

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can add convenience window option to a W447 after delivery? If so what is involved? Kind regards Gregs79
  12. A

    W447 Vito New HU rather than Audio 15

    My latest mod is a Pioneer HU in place of the Audio 15 from this in fm
  13. A

    W447 servicing?

    Hi all I have owned my first ever Mercedes a W447 Vito 114CDI. My question is that on Fords I always had to service every year but the W447 says the service is due in 15000 miles (ive done 7000 in 18 months) - is that normal and ok to not have it serviced from new for 3 years odd? Thanks...
  14. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    My new campervan W447 wheels - 18s rather than the 16s it came with
  15. C

    Vito W447 SCN codeing

    Hi does anyone know of anyone that can SCN code a reverse camera in the Vito W447 near York ? I have just paid £200 to watch a screen for 5 hours at my local dealer proudly stating "come & see the van experts" having a radio changed then to be told "your reversing camera is no good " when I...
  16. KoFidee

    W447 Vito ICE Upgrades door speakers

    Ok looking to install Component Focal speakers to the doors 130cm (tweeter in dash) Anyone know what depth there is behind factory installed speakers? I assume I will need MDF rings also gonna get them fitted when van goes in to get interior door handle sticking issue resolved ,so not wanting...
  17. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    Hi all - heres a few pics of my 2015 Vito camper conversion by Key Campers in Hull Mods so far since delivery are 18 inch wheels ilo 16, rear speakers and I plan to fit a DAB Pioneer unit. Hopefully once the warranty is up ill chip it from 134 ps to nearer 190 also
  18. E

    W447 wheels offset

    Hi guys, Can I use 245/45 r19 et35? Thanks Appreciate If you can share the photos for me. Cheers
  19. A

    fitting a 3rd row of seats in a w447

    I have a LWB w447 duel liner and want to fit a 3rd row of seat in it. can somebody tell me is it possible to fit a long track in there for the seat? It currently has 2 cargo tracks fitted that will need removing to fit a 8ft track, when I removed the tracks today I noticed that the bolts were...
  20. E

    W447 interior part number please

    Does anyone know where can order the usb part and the middle blank?
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