1. L

    M103 How to replace head Ian B Walker Method

    HI I have removed my M103 head following the method suggested by M B Walker i.e leaving the inlet manifold in the car. But to replace the head I cant see how the inlet manifold could be correctly torqued back without removing more of the inlet manifold like at least the fuel distributor. I have...
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker.

    Happy Birthday, Ian. :thumb::thumb:
  3. trapperjohn

    Ian B Walker. Been to visit him today.

    The poor lad has not been well. Two major operations back to back the second one to correct the first one which did not go well to say the least. ICU for two weeks after the second op and a further spell in HDU. He was fed through a tube for 3 weeks I think he said and of course what goes in...
  4. grober

    Murray Walker

    The man synonymous with F1 for generations of enthusiasts Murray Walker has just announced he is too frail to attend the BrItish Grand Prix at Silverstone this year. Has recorded a piece for Channel 4's programme tho. Murray Walker makes heartbreaking admission that he is 'too frail' to...
  5. MangoMan

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    Sent him a message quite a while ago as he did have, or has my old w124-300E/24m but heard nothing since.?? Anybody know anything? Thanks.
  6. Jukie

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker

    Enjoy the the day, Ian. I'm sure there'll be a celebratory packet of Hobnobs at some point! :thumb:
  7. TJC

    Terrible news from LA , Paul Walker Dead

    Was a passenger in friends car , hit a Palm Tree , car more or less exploded on inpact , terrible pictures, a sad loss , real nice guy and Petrol Head, R.I.P Tony :-( Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. jay1983

    Paul walker rip

    Sad day for anyone who enjoys the F&F franchise. Thoughts with his friends and family.
  9. R

    Mike Walker (Sybil) and R2 :)

    Sybil is getting ready for a wedding so we gave her a bit of a clean:) Click the image below for a water resistance video!
  10. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker

    Hope you have a good one and many more to follow! :)
  11. ringway

    Happy Birthday Ian Walker!

    Have a super day, Ian. :thumb: eCss0kZXeyE
  12. trapperjohn

    Ian Walker. Breaking 124 Estate Black Leather Interior.

    At a customers request Ian is breaking a 124 Facelift 220 Estate. The leather interior is in excellent condition. Door Cards are available too. Its a 7 seat set but the two "child seats" for the rear are cloth (Black) I have uploaded a picture of the drivers seat to show very little damage...
  13. AANDYY

    Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane. Tonight BBC2 19.00

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane :thumb::thumb:
  14. AANDYY

    Happy birthday Mr Walker!

    Well done for lasting this long! :D:thumb:
  15. N

    Walker exhaust - any good?

    There's a NOS Walker exhaust back section for sale on ebay which would fit one of my cars. I am unfamiliar with Walker exhausts & wondered if anyone knows of them or has any comments to make having used one in the past. TIA.
  16. para alpha

    Mr. Ian Walker

    After recently buying an AMG Back box for my C180 (Yeh, I hear some of you with the ”why bother”) I contacted a mate just before Christmas to see if he could fit it. My mate was inundated with work and couldn’t help me out and would be unable until mid-late January. So I contacted Ian B Walker...
  17. NW_Merc

    For Ian B. Walker

    Taxi Mittelkonsole für Mercedes W124 2x Din Ausschnitte bei eBay.de: Innenausstattung (endet 20.09.09 18:28:28 MESZ) Possible use for you Comand install? :thumb:
  18. W

    Ian Walker - where is he?

    Anyone heard from Ian Walker these days......is he just away on holiday? He's not really posted since 'that' thread making a complaint at him. It seems as shame as he was a friendly and useful contributor.
  19. purplegoddess

    A Evening At Home With Mr Ian B Walker

  20. coupe deville

    The lakes and Mr Ian B Walker

    Been up to the Lake district for 4 days and on the way up called at '124 works' for the motor fettling. Ian lent us his beloved 300E 24V and we popped down to Blackpool for a couple of hours and left him to it. 0 -- 60 in 2 seconds, no not the 300E but the Skyscreamer reverse bungee ride on the...
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