1. A

    Weak Burmester in W205 C-Class Cabriolet

    Loving my non-crabbing (Yet!) C43 Convertible with Premium Plus but there is one niggle after a few days of ownership I have always upgraded the sound system in any car I buy and have enjoyed 400W to 665W systems from Meridien to Bose and was really looking forward to the Burmester "high end"...
  2. A

    key fob not working&radio signal is weak

    Hello there members Both my remote key fobs have stopped locking/unlocking the car, I checked the batteries on the off chance that both lots of batteries had failed but they were both ok. I then looked on google & it stated to check fuse number 8 in the boot which I did & it was blown so I...
  3. L

    Call me weak willed but............

    I just couldn't say no and put a deposit on this today LOTUS EVORA Coupe for sale in Poole | Auto Trader Why oh why can I not just be happy with the cars I already have? Seems it's my destiny to help keep the specialist UK motor industry rolling along.....:rolleyes: I'm just a little...
  4. W

    SL350 (R230) Weak FM Signal following Head Unit Change

    Hi, I have asked before, however … I’ve fitted an Alpine Head Unit into my 2005 SL350 (R230) where the FM reception is nowhere as good as the original. I received some excellent advice from ‘Richard’ concerning the feed to the Audio Gateway (thanks again), but I want to check whether I have...
  5. John Jones Jr

    Weak battery = engine misfire?

    Guys, Has anybody come across on initial start up an engine misfire caused due a weak or undercharged battery? Cheers in advance.
  6. 420SE

    W202 C220CDi: Weak Heater (Temp + Output)

    Hi guys. It's been quite cold recently and I have noticed that the heater isn't doing it's job. :( Symptoms: 1. When I set the temp to max, the temp can best be described as nothing more than lukewarm 2. When I set the air speed dial from 1, say to 5, there is an increase in air output, but it...
  7. J

    Central locking not working, radio signal weak

    I've got a CLK500 cabriolet. The central locking isn't working off the key fob and the FM radio sounds like the arial has been unplugged. I've reset the key fobs, changed the batteries but no change. I understand that there is a relay and an arial amplifier that may be the problem. Anyone have...
  8. G

    Weak gas struts on tailgate

    Seems like the gas struts on my C-class estate (203) are due for change as I have to help them to lift the tailgate. And I know I'm going to bang my head on it soon, as it won't lift to full height without a shove! Are there any uprated ones available, or have the standard ones been...
  9. N

    Central locking very weak I think fuse needs replacing can anyone tell me where..

    Hey guys I have a W203 55 plate and the central locking is not working properly I have to go really close to the door in order for it to be effective I think the fuse in the rear sam needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me where the rear sam is and what fuse needs to be replaced. Thanks
  10. H

    Weak Kickdown and atf fluid

    HI, I have 1998 s c200 auto, and i find te kick down a bit slow and weak and not as agressive.. Does the fluid need doing. I got a quote at wdm perr bar he goes 90+vat... what you guys reckon? thanks
  11. A

    Weak Subs in W211 H/K Setup?

    I've had an issue with the H/K upgraded sub in my W211 since new and I can't confirm if this is because it's faulty or just weak. It happens when I play it at full volume on particularly bassy tracks but the bass level is flat, not boosted. In my view the standard H/K upgrade should handle...
  12. Lazarus

    Weak points on 2.4 V6

    Hi, I've been reading the thread regarding timing chains on the C230 K four-pot and wondered if there were the same sorts of issues on the V6 unit? What are the weak points or common issues on the 2.4 I should look out for (mine's done 114K) Laz --
  13. Messa

    C250TD weak AirCon '99

    The aircon in this car used to be freezing, but i am only getting minimal cooling now (might be none at all its that minor). I have had the system checked by a dubious 'expert' who said i had a loose connection to the compressor and needed a refrigerant top-up. The thing is, there is no...
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