1. gr1nch

    Web links lurking on your car

    Today, whilst I was pumping up my tyres at the garage, and looking at the recommended pressures on the inner fuel flap, I noticed this QR code, which when input returned an interesting set of diagrams, that I'd not seen before, nor, afaik, direct from the manual (if it is the case mea culpa)...
  2. N

    Comand Online Web Browser

    Whilst using the web browser I've noticed that all of the search results are german, therefore the internet browser is set to Germany, does anyone know how to change the browser settings to UK? Many thanks.
  3. Conquistador

    Home CCTV and live web streaming

    I know there have been a few threads on this subject in the past but was hoping someone could give me some tips and recommend a good system. I'm after a 2 camera system, probably with a 4 channel box and 500gb HDD. 1 to watch the cars but the other I want to be able to stream live to the web...
  4. noogieman

    Best internet price for motorcycle brakedisc?

    who has the best internet price for motorcycle brakediscs? can you link a motorcycle webshop? i'm looking for front brakediscs for a 1997 Suzuki TL1000s i don't know where to find discs cheap besides ebay? are these TRW/Lucas discs any good? TRW Lucas Bremsscheibe Starr Vorne MST246...
  5. thebig1

    No UK or Western Europe Mobile Web Page In Comand?

    Hi guys, Just resets Comand system and then went online. Set data up all ok. Went to the mercedes mobile website app, was asked to select country. Asia is there, North america, Eastern and Central Europe, Turkey, Bolivia etc but no Western Europe or UK etc? Anyone else get this or have...
  6. JethroUK

    The mobile app is dead - long live the mobile web interface

    Scrap the android mobile app Its crap - cant even read mine the text is too small Seems to be a race to produce as many mobile apps as possible when the answer is right under their nose I have a nose for trend and it never ever fails Mobile websites Stop developing mobile apps, there too...
  7. H

    Web Page

    Perhaps someone can help out here. My wife has a small shop and has asked me to sort out her website. Basically she just wants a page that she can upload some pictures to and have her opening hours, contact details etc. She has a site hosted by Moonfruit, but it is relatively expensive as she...
  8. R

    Web Page Promotion

    I founded a Facebook page with the humanitarian aid of trying to save somebody's life in the Sudan... The details are religious and political so I wont expand here. I have promoted the page as much as I am able and have now have had 1Million impressions in a couple of weeks. How do I promote the...
  9. Dave Richardson

    Web pages freezing ?

    Has any other member experienced some web pages freezing on a regular basis ? Firstly I have a 3.8 AMD quad & 16Gb of memory (no probs on the engine side) & use Advanced system care ultimate for cleaning & taking care of antivirus things. Using genuine Windows 8.1 & IE 11 E bay for me is a...
  10. DSB SL AMG

    Web picture location tracking...

    Hi All, Not sure if this has been covered, but be warned when posting pics on FB / Ebay / Autotrader etc...scary stuff:eek:, info links below. Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks - YouTube http://netsecurity.about.com/od/secu...n-Tracking.htm...
  11. WLeg

    web site designer

    Can anyone more webby then me see if they can, or point me in the right direction to finding the web designer who did this site ? We are looking to use a similar design and feel on a new venture....
  12. ACID

    MSL NEW WEB SITE Feedback !!!!

    hi guys just wanted to get some feedback on our new site www.mslperformance.co.uk i know everything is not working yet. All feed back will be great :D thanks acid
  13. moonloops

    Can anyone reccomend a web designer?

    Looking for an individual or company to design up some basic websites. Nothing complex needed just clean and modern designs. Will need to hosting for some of the sites also so recurring revenue is there also.
  14. W

    Local tradesman web searches

    Of the many tradesman web search pages available, can anyone recommend one over the other? I'm after a carpenter to lay a wood floor in the Banbury area. Thanks.
  15. Godot

    The useless web

    Fiddle with this and you will know what the title is all about ! :eek: The Useless Web Go on, you can resist very thing except temptation. You know you want to, do it again & again.:D
  16. U

    My new web store is now LIVE!

    Well as some know already ive been working on and off setting up a new online web store, to stock various collectables from some of the major leading brands and to bring some currently non available collectables to the UK. Please have a look at the store. store link: directcollectables.co.uk...
  17. E

    Euro Car Parts have relocated their Web Servers to a new Secure Data Centre.

    Hi All, After the attack we faced yesterday, Euro Car Parts have relocated their Web Servers to a new Secure Data Centre which will actively filter any further malicious attacks. However, it can take up to 24 hours for all Internet Service Providers to see the new servers. If you are...
  18. WDB124066

    Anyone Else Get A Free MS Web Browser Upgrade?

    They've gone and uploaded a new browser on my lap top automatically and it is a shocker. It flashes when switching between windows, the refresh button is way on the other side of the screen right next to the close button as is the favourites button. The upload status bar is gone and paragraphs...
  19. C

    Should I build a web site ?

    Hi guys yes its cklclive and want your honest opinion should I build a web site for DCP ? and what should I include in this pics, how too, mods, projects ? All input would be greatly appreciated Regards loyal member cklclive
  20. janner

    Cheap web hosting

    I need to move my website. Does this look any good for a simple site? Cheap Web Hosting - No Hidden Costs, Money Back Guarantee Any other recommendations?
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