1. T

    Going to Florida this week?

    Got wellies and brollies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbzofeXd4Z4 This douzy could be a Category 6 storm by week end. Tuercas Viejas
  2. P

    2015 E63 Estate - 1 Week in

    Hi Guys, 1 Week in with my E63 W212 Estate so thought I would put down some thoughts and introduce myself a bit more. I spent many years in Audi's S4 and RS4's (this was the 2.7 days), spent stupid money tuning them (see banana bullet threads on RS246) up to 500 + BHP / 480 lb/ft +, then...
  3. gIzzE

    Fitted DAB to my S212 last week......

    After 18 months in the E350 estate I finally got round to fitting DAB in it last week. Now I know DAB is low bitrate, but worth it for 5 Live without the constant AM noise that all Mercs tend to have. DAB unit £100 eBay Harness £120 from davidsauto on eBay VW DAB arial for £12 on eBay...
  4. mickday

    My E55K just been written off after accident last week

    After being rear ended by a Citroen van last Thursday my S211 E55K has just been written off by my insurance company. They have offered a value of £8,000 which could be worse I guess due to high mileage of 164K although it was worth a lot more to me obviously. Was considering buying it...
  5. gr1nch

    Impromptu Lincolnshire meetup this week?

    I'm up here to pick my new W222 on Wednesday (guess what day the month that is!?). Anyone up for a meetup before or after? We're doing a long clockwise loop through the county over the next 7 days (to view areas and house with a view to settling here - so a bit deal for us) but may be able to...
  6. R

    Car going into dealer next week....

    Hi guys, well think I will need to use the extended warranty for my car Need to get the steering sorted on the B class as i've replaced the tyres all round, had the wheels refurbed, tracked twice both times its spot on. Still the car pulls to the left and the steering feels so...
  7. S

    C43 AMG 10 Week Review

    Hi all, Just thought I’d give my initial thoughts on owning a C43 Coupe for a couple of months. These are my views only so don’t shoot me down if you disagree with my opinion. Not the shortest thread but bear with me, I’m no journalist. Spec - 66 Plate - C43 AMG Coupe – Obsidian Black -...
  8. abecketts

    Not the way to treat your 1 week old merc

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/17/drunk-driver-banned-after-getting-his-mercedes-stuck-on-tram-tra/ What was he thinking?
  9. jacksona

    My 4th Merc in a row is coming this week [emoji3]

    Due to my company's car policy, sadly the CLS has to go, as it's too old. I'm replacing it with an SLK 250 CDI. Did go to look at a 350, but it was in a real state, so walked away. The 250 will be plenty for now (although may get a remap at some point), and much better than the CLS now my...
  10. ChrisEdu

    This time next week...

    This time next week, I should have undergone my first operation under a general anaesthetic. Hopefully, as it's meant to be day surgery, I should be home by now. At least if I die during the operation, I shouldn't know about it! :)
  11. 219

    Fastest this week ?

    Speeding motorbike rider clocked at 160mph in Cambridgeshire - BBC News
  12. E

    Product of the WEEK

    Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras)
  13. E

    Product of the week and discount code

    Shop Now: Meguiars Quick & Easy Car Care Kit To help support the MB Forum and its users, We have set up a discount code STRICTLY for the use of MB Club Members. As an improvement to last year, the discount code will be UNIQUE to the forum and is designed to be used by full members only...
  14. E

    ---product of the week & discount code---

    Shop Now: Meguiars Quick & Easy Car Care Kit ONLY: £18.74 With the 'SALE25' Discount Code
  15. E

    ------Product of the Week-----

    ------Product of the Week----- Meguiars Air Re-Fresher - Air Con Cleaner Only £7.19 When you use discount code SALE25 Shop Now- Meguiars Air Re-Fresher - Air Con Cleaner A single use Odor Remover that removes the toughest odors throughout the entire interior of a car, truck or SUV...
  16. E

    Product of the Week

    :rock:PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:rock: The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step is based on the same technology as many of the Tire Repair Kits found in new vehicles being sold today. The Ultimate 1-Step seals punctures and provides 100% inflation in just 7 minutes. Promo Code: SUMMERSALE Price: £17.99 Shop...
  17. E

    Product of the week and discount code

    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK Shop: Foliatec Foliatec Spray Film (removable) Toxic Green (2x400ml) - Coats 4 wheels Foliatec Foliatec Spray Film (removable) Toxic With Foliatec Spray Film there's no need to substitute old or damaged rims. The Spray Film gives a new appearance to them quick and easily...
  18. M

    De cat'd last week. Now no over run

    Hey all, secondary de cat last week was loving the over run. But today I've got no over run? Anyone Got any ideas?
  19. E

    Product of the week

    This powerful cleaner is added to your fuel (petrol or diesel) and it goes directly to work on your catalytic converter and exhaust parts. Shop:Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol & Diesel 450ml Cataclean can reduce emissions by up to 60%. The difference between an MOT emission failure and...
  20. P

    Luxury 1 week holiday at Gleneagles.

    Hi, a friend of mine has booked and paid £4'200 for 7 days in a luxury lodge st gleneagles. The lodge sleeps up to 6 people and includes 1 round of golf for 1 person. They have had a last minute emergency so can't go and we are trying to sell it on rather than it going to waste. She is looking...
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