1. M

    coding needed in West Sussex

    Hi, I have 2008 Sprinter van I've decided to add cruise control, swap basic speedo to advanced one, also the steering wheel from old style non remote buttons one to 2015yr one. On top of that ntg2.5 from sound5. for the cruise, I added the stalk and swapped accelerator pedal, so needs just...
  2. H

    new member from West Midlands

    Henry from worcester. don't know much about mercedes so any advice is good! currently own a e92 monte carlo m3 but looking in the market for a c63 amg. went to look at a one from Evans halshaw today. anybody know any information on it Used Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon Petrol in Ibis White...
  3. 219

    RIP Adam West

    Batman dead . Another childhood legend gone . http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/10/adam-west-tvs-batman-dies-age-88/
  4. T

    West Midlands GTG Sun 27th May The Sparrow CV 7 9JP

    Anyone going was in the Official Club Mag but no reference on any forums or facebooks that i can see sponsored by auto finesse looks a sizeable gathering starts 11:30 Am at the Sparrow CV7 9JP by M6 / M69 junction
  5. BrianWSussex

    New Member - West Sussex

    Hi. Not new to Mercedes though. Over the years both wife and i have had several new Mercedes. Couple of C-Class, two SLK's, E350 Cabriolet all superb cars especially the E Class. Been drawn away by Jaguar a couple times, the last one a 2015 XE was a disaster. Frequent visits to the dealer...
  6. -AJC-

    STAR service near Billingshurst, West Sussex

    Does anyone know of any mobile STAR service in the West Sussex/Surrey area? We have a W164 ML needing some agony aunt consultation time! Thanks
  7. N

    MB Mechanic in North West

    Hi, I have a 1986 300SL Mercedes, which I have had for 10 years and is in good condition nut now in need of a little TLC...I am looking for a good mechanic/garage, preferably based in the north west (UK)...I could go to the SL shop, but was looking for something more local, and don't really...
  8. A

    Hello from west coast of Ireland

    Hi I have Maintained a few Mercs. over the years. A couple of 230e w123s a 2.0 w201 and a w124 250D. At the moment I am restoring my 1972 w114 coupe which was my daily driver for about 8 years. It has an OM602 diesel fitted from a w124. (apologies to the purists!) My daily driver is now a...
  9. S

    Smart repairers North West

    Hi Could anyone recommend a mobile scratch repair outfit in the Wigan/St Helens area at all? Cheers.
  10. B

    Anyone got a STAR unit in West Sussex?

    Hi All, Does anyone have a STAR unit in or near to West Sussex? Need to do some configuration in the dash that only STAR can do apparently. Local MB Dealer is useless. Thanks in advance.
  11. AndyKO

    Anyone with STAR in West Wales?

    Anyone on here with STAR living in West Wales? I'm in Carmarthenshire and need some help with the car. Thanks guys
  12. M

    Star diagnostics - West Midlands - Coventry

    Hi all, I am looking for a good mobile Mercedes mechanic in the Coventry area with star diagnostics who can check out some fault codes on my car, I have a icarsoft MB2, but some codes it is reading it can't find in it's database. Regards, Mark.
  13. S

    Star diagnostics - West Sussex - worthing

    Hi all, Does anyone know of someone that has the Mercedes STAR diagnostics within West Sussex / Worthing ? I have a ML55 and would love to connect it up and change some of the settings / clear down faults. Some of the features I want to change need Star - i,e, program new key fob, reset...
  14. M

    Help!! Anybody from Sandwell , West Midlands??

    Hi, There is a item on Gumtree for sale from Sandwell, West Midlands area and was wanting some good MB forum member would do the needful and pick it up for me. I will pay for fuel, time etc. PM me. Thanks
  15. W

    West Yorkshire Meet ( C63's )

    Hi, Anyone in the Wakefield, Barnsley, Pontefract area willing to meet up and show off their C63 Amg Soon due to sell my E92 M3 but would be nice to hear a C63 with a exhaust modification or aftermarket system to fully sway my move to Mercedes! Happily throw in some fuel money for a...
  16. Meldrew2

    Southport & West Lancs afternoon run & Curry. 25 September.

    Is anyone interested? Thinking of meeting around lunchtime in a location close to the M6 or M58. Either meeting about 12 for Sunday Lunch or around 1pm if joining after the meal. A run around West Lancashire (some nice country roads) with a coffee stop or two, finishing at "Shamraat"...
  17. Marvin16x

    Anybody in West Cornwall right now? Asking for a favour

    Hey guys, my road trip has been a lot of fun so far but it's starting to go downhill now as it seems. :doh:The weather went back to standard which is kind of alright though. I've been lucky for almost 2 weeks now. The major problem is that the batteries of both my phone and camera are...
  18. S

    Alignment in West Sussex Area?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere Mercedes friendly (i.e. not full of apes who will do a bad job) in the West Sussex/South East Surrey area for wheel alignment? I've noticed that the steering wheel is very slightly off centre but the car tracks straight, and I'd like to get it corrected. Cheers.
  19. martyp87

    Klasse Series Automotive - Edinburgh & West Lothian

    Well, I'm not one for leaving feedback even after a good experience but this is completely different. I turned up to the shop and spoke to the owner, Colin Nicol and realised this wasn't your normal MB indy. My CL was heavily modified with the Weistec supercharger and I turned up with...
  20. V

    W204 C250 owner in West London

    Hi everyone :), This is my first Mercedes, having owned Vauxhalls previously. I've attached a picture of the car. So far I've had the rear windows tinted, fitted an aftermarket headunit with reversing camera (one that goes where the original screen would be, so the factory radio stays in...
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