1. acej

    IPAD AIR 16gb white for sale

    For sale iPad Air 16gb wifi just over 6 months old. Plus Logitech keyboard case (approx £60) no power cable but other than that perfect £165.00
  2. st13phil

    What’s Black and White, has 16 Cylinders and 1,000bhp?

    The cars on my drive... :D (OK, maybe just shy of 1,000bhp for the pedants) Finally persuaded Angie that six cylinders just aren’t enough and today she’s done a deal on an ex-demonstrator 15-plate SLK55 :rock: Obsidian Black with designo Porcelain upholstery, it’s nicely optioned with...
  3. D

    white mercedes 500 sec

    Mercedes Benz 500SEC WHITE | eBay
  4. A

    Head lamp white specs?

    Cleaning my car today I noticed my headlamp lenses have tiny white ish dots on them, gave them a good rub but not budging Any ideas what thay are and can I remove them without damaging the lenses? Cheers :thumb:
  5. D

    1985 MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO WHITE Lorinser widebody AMG V8

    lowered ex member car lowered start price 1985 MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO WHITE Lorinser widebody AMG V8 | eBay
  6. M

    2011(61) mercedes c220 cdi se ed125 saloon diesel blueefficiency automatic white

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3053 Mercedes C220 CDI SE Edition 125 Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 12th September 2011 – 61 Reg • Two Owners From New • 62,522 miles only with Full Mercedes Service History (see below) • 2.1...
  7. DanMorgan

    W124 300CE WideBody in White

    Mercedes 300 CE 24V VITT Widebody Conversion For Sale (1990) on Car And Classic UK [C728621]
  8. T

    C63 AMG Bumper Pre FL Calcite White

    Hi all, I'm after a front bumper, preferably in calcite white, for my pre FL (2010) C63. My unfortunate run in with a pheasant two weeks into ownership left two cracks and they are slowly getting bigger. I will be getting a bodyshop quote this week hopefully. South UK preferred but can...
  9. N

    White C class coupe M25 after MB Meet, VRM: EA61 NRN M25/M1

    Hi All Was on route home from MB world about 12:50 after meeting everyone and was in a great mood. I was following well cruising with a white 14 plate C63 which I suspect was at the meet very nice clean car :thumb:, All of a sudden I was aware of a white c class behind me around junction...
  10. Scooby_Doo

    Polar White or Diamond Silver

    Opinions Please - Thinking of changing my 2013 C207 for a new C207 "Edition". Current car is Iridium Silver so trying to decide what the new colour will be, I quite like Polar White (never had a white car) and the other half likes the Diamond Silver. Considered Brilliant Blue but I've seen a...
  11. Kal_c63

    FS - New Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG New & Sealed Purchased from Mercedes Benz Collindale New and unused Includes Diamond White and clear paint Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG -New | eBay
  12. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 Facelift bonnet in white

    Hey peeps I'm putting my facelift bonnet up for sale, this will fit all W204s, if you have a pre facelift then obviously you would require facelift lights (which I am also putting up for sale) If anyone is doing a facelift conversion I have most of the stuff you'd need. Other than that, it's a...
  13. T

    W203 new turbo - white smoke

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have problem with my W203 C200 facelift, my turbo wasn't working like it should due to broken inlet shutoff motor.I bought new turbo and inlet shutoff motor and now everything works great but I'm getting white smoke while accelerating,there weren't any white smoke...
  14. H

    Designo Diamond White

    Recently purchased a new CLS 400 with Diamond White paint finish. As I normally do, I also purchased an official MB touch up set for covering minor stone chips etc. These touch up kits comprise of a paint stick plus a clear coat stick. When I used the paint stick for the first time, what came...
  15. PenelopePitstop

    Designo magno cashmere white.

    Does anyone have car in this colour? There's car for sale in this colour but my friends warned me about hassle with matt paint. I found some posts on mbworld.org forum but nothing from UK. I consider it because it's rare and I like rare things. But if it's going to be huge hassle to keep it...
  16. M

    2012-12 mercedes c250 cdi amg sport saloon blueefficiency automatic diesel white

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=2929 Mercedes C250 CDI Sport Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2012 – 12 Reg • Two Owners From New • 30,254 miles only with Service History (see below) • 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine – 204...
  17. nickjonesn4

    white AMGs

    what's the obsession with White cars - makes any car look like a rental someone explain please, I'm baffled.
  18. TKvS

    CLS white chapter rings

    I've taken a hankering to replacing the black instrument cluster dials on my CLS with the face-lifted white chapter rings / surround dials, I'd like to fit either: 1. Gen dial cluster that would fit CLS W219 2. Transfer dial rings ala Escort Cosworth ( I used this method waaay back on my...
  19. C

    Which products for Calcite white?

    As above what polish / waxing products would you recommend for my C63 which is Calcite White? When I had my white DC5 integra I used Jeffs Workstat products which I was very pleased with, however they bottles are probably 5 or 6 years old now and not a lot left in them. With products ever...
  20. S

    Wanted White C63 W204 coupe

    Hi all. I have been looking through the classifieds to no avail so I am just going to throw this out there and see what comes back. I am after a C63 in metallic white with either a white or red interior. The optional extras I am interested in are the HK sound system and the black 19' multi...
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