1. Frankie

    W210 E55 23k in white

  2. M

    2013(62) mercedes c220 cdi executive se estate blueefficiency auto diesel white

    Full Details 2013(62) MERCEDES C220 CDI SE EXECUTIVE ESTATE AUTOMATIC WHITE B/E - Mercland Mercedes C220 CDI Executive Estate BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 24th January 2013 – 62 Reg • One Owner From New • 63,996 miles only with Full Mercedes...
  3. J

    E55 amg for sale white low miles

  4. W

    No white lines = no self drive cars

    There is a lot of noise about removing white lines. All of the current systems for 'self drive' cars (including Merc's Distronic Plus & Tesla's Autopilot) totally rely on white lines. So just as the world is moving in that direction, the UK councils & government think it a good idea to remove them !
  5. ItalianTuneUp

    Maurice White - Earth, Wind and Fire dies

    Earth, Wind & Fire soul band founder Maurice White dies - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35499149
  6. bpsorrel

    No more white lines!

    Tell me this is a joke! Please!! End of the road for white lines on highways - Telegraph
  7. Z

    Polar white vs diamond

    Probably been asked loads, but just wondering the difference I'm assuming polar white is flat white while the diamond is metalic?
  8. Palfrem

    White 500E

    Mercedes-Benz 500E | eBay Interesting looking interior. Shame there aren't more pics.
  9. M

    2012(62) mercedes c220 cdi amg sport coupe blueefficiency automatic diesel white

    Full Details 2012(62) MERCEDES C220 CDI AMG SPORT COUPE AUTO DIESEL BLUEEFFICIENCY - Mercland Mercedes C220 CDI Sport Coupe BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 29th November 2012 – 62 Reg • One Owner From New • 44,818 miles only with Full Mercedes...
  10. J

    Stolen white Sprinter 313cdi MWB in London N4

    Hi all, Can you spread the word. My son has had his 2003 Sprinter 313cdi MWB stolen from out side his home on Stapletonhall Road in Crouch End, London in the early hours of yesterday, Thursday 7th January. My son was wakened by the van starting up as it had a failed exhaust and was quite...
  11. Scooby_Doo

    WHITE on the way out ??

    Of the 86 new shape "C" coupes on Merc's used website only 4 are white but there are 25 in brilliant Blue. Of the 670 old shape "C" coupes there are 131 in white and only 14 in blue. Is Brilliant Blue the new White ? White would have been my first choice for my "E" coupe but my wife was...
  12. S

    Polar white Vinyl Wrap?

    Would like to de chrome some chrome bits boot lid door handles etc....has anyone seen a polar white vinyl? (Don't really want to go down the body shop route)
  13. BTB 500

    White is definitely the new silver ...

    I was at M-B Guildford today ... counted thirteen cars in the showroom. One was black, one was red and eleven were white!
  14. R

    W212 Changing Headlights to Xenon [White]

    Hello, Have a W212, 12 Plate E220. Have the DRL, the LED strip in the bumper but have usual yellow headlights. I looked around but not finding anything about which one to go for and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction? Thank you, R.
  15. MSG2004

    Diamond White V Polar White, W205 Estate

    Hi Been looking at MB C Class est, AMG premium plus with pan roof in white but all appear to be 'polar white.' We have in the family a E Clss 2 door, 350 with pan roof and when parked against similar car in Polar white the diamond white looks the business. However, I can tell on the new...
  16. K

    White Smoke can't figure it out?

    Hi there guys the last time I posted was of a DPF problem that is now sorted. My current problem with my car is that it Smokes white while idling for more than 2-3 minutes (it smokes all the time when in traffic jams). As I wait the smoke builds up but only slowly comes out of the exhaust...
  17. F2ED W

    Diamond White

    Anybody waxed/protected a diamond white Mercedes? If so could you let me know what you used or recommend Thanks
  18. M

    2011-61 mercedes c250 cdi amg sport saloon blueefficiency automatic diesel white

    Full Details 2011(61) MERCEDES C250 CDI AMG SPORT SALOON AUTO BLUEEFFICIENCY WHITE - Mercland Mercedes C250 CDI Sport Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 3rd November 2011 – 61 Reg • Three Owners From New • 47,000 miles only with Full Mercedes...
  19. S

    C63 Black & White.

    Thanks to Monsterwraps in Southampton. Roof Wrap, Front splitter Carbon wrap, Rear spoiler carbon wrap & Dechrome Window trims, LED trim & Boot trim. Good pricing. Great customer service bar a few niggly issues which got sorted in the end. Before... After...
  20. EVL124

    My 2005 C55 AMG in Alabaster White

    Well old habits die hard I guess, have gone back to a Merc! Picked up this immaculate example this week, 2005, 83,000kms, Alabaster White with black leather interior, high spec with pretty much every option available. I have already dropped by Mr. Muffler and had the secondary cats and...
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