1. J

    Window return

    Hi ppl Just replaced the window cables on a 2007 cls( some usefull tips in here, thanks!) but now the window doesn't drop when the door is opened and closed...also the mirrors don't automatically fold in and out on the door function. Any advice would be gratefully received
  2. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Right found the problem with my drivers window turned out to be a faulty relay after swapping relay to passenger side and the problem followed so went to the scrappy and picked up a relay put in the where the passenger relay goes and there was a big flash and a short faulty relay so took the...
  3. 056bob

    1992 R129 drivers window

    I lowered my driver window and it would not go back up I checked the fuse it was OK. I raised the centre consul,no loose wires, so I changed the connections over and the passenger window worked on the drivers switch and the passenger switch the drivers window did not work on either. I have...
  4. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Hi ive been on with the car all day and no further forward and was hooing some one can shine a bit light on the matter i have a 2001 ml 270 cdi the front drivers window goes down no problem at all but wont come back up now i have ruled the motor out as i have a spare which i tested on passenger...
  5. iveco

    R171 slk rear window quarter

    Hi anybody tell me where to get and rough idea of cost of the rear window black Perspex corner panels they seem to be prone to flacking . Cheers Phil
  6. G

    W221 window switch

    Can anyone help with this? Right rear window switch from a W221 S63 is missing the switch cover for the rear pan roof. I have been to the stealer, who suggests that I need a part number A221 821 45 51 at the thick end of £200 for the complete switch assembly, but having looked through Ebay...
  7. D

    Convenience Window Opening Doesn't Work

    The Convenience Window Opening on my CLC does not work. I believe you have to unlock the car with the key and then select the same button on the key to lower the windows. Is this something that is standard or needs enabling? If its standard why won't they open!!?? Thanks.
  8. A

    2006 CLS Rear window problems.

    Hi has anyone had a problem with there rear windows coming away from the window carrier which holds the window in place at the bottom and carries the window up and down, I removed the doorcard to reveal that the window seemed to be held in place with a silicone type adhesive but this had gone...
  9. B

    Odd window issue

    Hi just recently purchased a w203 estate and it has an odd issue with the offside rear window. Basically it works perfectly well with just the ignition on but when the engine is running it refuses to work :confused: Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. clk320x

    Window felt removal

    Anyone ever removed the tint protective felt people put on your rubbers? I've had my tint stripped off but the felt that was on the rubbers to protect it is being a pain to remove It's discoloured for the sun and is now looking a very ugly cork colour YUK
  11. salfordmerc

    window switch

    The switch for the drivers window has broken,can i just replace one or do i have to buy the whole block? m271 komp. cheers
  12. T

    ML Window Trims

    Hi, The door window trim / rubbers have a clear tape which on mine water has got in behind. On one side I have peeled the tape off but cannot shift the remainder. I did order replacements from the dealer but they have been on back order for months. One solution was to use the CKS...
  13. G

    Vito W447 - Convenience Window Option

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can add convenience window option to a W447 after delivery? If so what is involved? Kind regards Gregs79
  14. GillyC63

    Removing Estate upper chrome window surround

    Hi all as title says does anyone know how to remove the upper chrome window trim on a w204 estate? I can unclip the trim all the way back to the rear quarter after that I can't see how to free the last bit Every link seems to be about removing a coupe's trim I can't find anything ref the estate...
  15. L

    W202 Rear window sun blinds

    2 x Genuine MB rear window blinds for W202 C class, excellent condition only taken out of car because not my cup of tea!! open to offers - pm me Located in Rugby, Warwickshire
  16. G

    Stainless Window Finisher/Seal

    Does anyone know how to remove a couple of small scratches from the window sealer highly polished-chrome effect Thanks
  17. Palfrem

    W124 window lift switches

    Does anyone know what bulb I need to replace the dead one in my window switch please? Maybe look at LED? Many thanks
  18. CLSMark

    Weird sticky substance on rear window ( snigger )

    Anyone any ideas what on earth that is, I cannot get any access to it, and not enough purchase to put any product on it. Tips/solutions, most welcome. Apologies for crappy photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. brucemillar

    W203 Black window trim

    Friends I am looking for the Rear N/S 'lower window trim' in black. This is for a W203 Estate and is the alloy trim that runs along the bottom of the rear (boot area) window on the passenger side. It is available from Mercedes and should I choose to sell my house, wife & kids, I can get one...
  20. M

    W210 vs V124 Window Winders

    Hmm, repairing my S210's numerous window winder faults and scrapping my W124 gave me a good chance to compare the window winders, and there's not much difference at all, so why are the W124 ones regarded as 'good' whereas the W210 ones are 'bad'? I know this is a slightly unfair comparison...
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