1. R

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera. Ideal for large car / SUV / caravan / mobile home / trailer, etc. New, I bought it in US but never actually used it. All wires clearly marked, so very simple setup and you don't have to dig up your door sills to run the cables...
  2. A

    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic mouse Boxed

    New Apple keyboard and Magic mouse. Bluetooth. Box and new came as std with an iMac and not required. £75 inc postage payment as a Paypal gift please PM me.
  3. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0

    More or less brand new Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0; Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0 on eBay (end time 08-Mar-11 02:38:27 GMT) £10 plus P&P.:) Thanks.
  4. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0 on eBay (end time 08-Mar-11 02:38:27 GMT) £10 +P&P :) Thanks.
  5. A

    Making wireless home network more secure?

    Hello Just watching a program that suggests most wireless networks can be broken into in around 7 seconds.... Now we use wireless for 2 x iPhones and at least 2 laptops. I did have trouble setting up security as we have Mac and Pc's. In the end I lock down by mac address and have...
  6. ShinyF1

    Wireless Networking OK, No Internet

    Hello again I've run out of IT talent again folks. Our German au pair has an Acer laptop running Vista which has connected perfectly well to our WN for months. Today it has dropped internet connectivity - it connects to the network but the gateway from the router to the internet is closed...
  7. A

    Wireless Headphones for Car DVD's etc New £10

    Bought this off a famous auction site as I was planning on installing some DVD headrest but never did... Wireless with volume control looks like you can use them 'wired' but don't have the jack plug lead with them. Brand new £12 Posted (The sale is for One set of Headphones) the picture is...
  8. EDZ649

    Laptop Wireless issue, help please!

    I have just bought my son a new wireless enabled laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium and I want to connect it to my wireless router. The problem is that it can't find my router. It can see four other routers in my area i.e. neighbours but not mine. I have tried another router and am...
  9. npuk

    Mercedes In Car Wireless Internet

    Not heard about or seen this before: Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes InCar Hotspot: wireless internet access on board [A2129002805] £920.00 Go online on the road: no cables, no complications, no limits. The InCar Hotspot introduces the internet to the all Mercedes-Benz Vehicles. Installed in...
  10. nick.ged

    xp and railink wireless help needed

    i have brought my son a desktop, and cant get the wireless connection to work. it is xp and the wirless is RaUI, it is a nightmare, it says it is connected, but 'cant find server' and the ip adress and submask dont appear to be correct, and often arnt even shown... it also apears that the...
  11. jaymanek

    Wireless Network Help

    Im trying to set up a laptop so that my technician can print from my printer. If i connect the laptop to my router with the cable then all is good, i can print... however trying to use the wireless network it doesnt work... i cant connect to internet or see the other computers on the...
  12. G

    Powermat wireless charging system

    I've a brand new (unused) wireless Powermat for sale, complete with a universal receiver. This clever gadget can charge up to three of your favourite devices at once (mp3 player, phone, sat-nav) and there's even a usb charging port too (I simply don't have enough devices to use with it). This...
  13. Sp!ke

    Anyone going to the Wireless Enterprise Symposium?

    I know there are a lot of IT people on here so I just wondered if anyone else was going. Would be good to see more brits there. WES 2010: The Wireless Enterprise Symposium for BlackBerry Users
  14. BenzedUP

    Sony PS3 Black DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

    Playstation 3 Controller more or less brand new worth £40 in Game Price; £21 Including P&P PM me if interested, Thanks.
  15. culpano

    Am I being totally thick or what ? Securing wireless router with push button

    Merry xmas everyone. I have a Belkin wireless router and I want to secure it. The instructions say click on the PBC button on the router then start PBC on the client device (I've got an iTouch) within 2 minutes. Does that mean just push the "on" button on the iTouch ? Knowing my luck...
  16. mercmanuk

    wireless network storage

    i'm running a laptop,tower and htpc all on a wireless network,my problem is all my movies are on the htpc,the music is on the tower etc etc. my idea is to transfere all this to a seperate unit that can be accessed from all 3 computers on the wireless network. what is the best way to go about...
  17. ShinyF1

    Wireless Router Range & Quality

    My wireless network range is very disappointing. I have ADSL points at the front of the house at both GF and 1F levels, but one room away [9" brick wall & 6m] sees a 50% drop off in quality, with it reducing to zero two rooms [two 9" brick walls and 10m] away. I would have hoped to have had...
  18. CE230

    Linksys wireless router

    I've been having lots of problems with the home wireless network and have recently had the modem replaced by Virgin. However, whenever I switch the power off in the house to do any electrical work the router disconnects ands won't pick up the connection again so I was thinking of replacing this...
  19. MrT

    Belkin Wireless N Modem Router

    Boxed in as new condition, done factory reset. Includes mains adapter, telephone line cable, software CD and quick-start sheet. Model number F5D-8633uk-4. Can be used for ADSL broadband or as a wireless N access point, etc. Has connections for 4 wired network devices and upto 16 through...
  20. DSLiverpool

    Philips WACS700 Wireless HD Music System & Slave

    One box with 40 gb master and one slave (extra slaves available) all link wirelessly for music around the house (Master rips cd`s) Not new but not used, Im a Philips dealer and wanted this for my house BUT the new house has a central music system and I dont need it I got this from Philips as...
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