1. C

    CLK wood trim update

    Hi. Has anyone removed all the wood trim from a W208 and sprayed it or covered it? Any trim tools needed/advice? Thanks
  2. chris3004

    W124 wood steering wheel

    I'm looking for a half wood half leather steering wheel for my w124. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. roman82

    Wood trim restoration

    This is example of my mate work))))he is specialist in all Mercedes wood trims restoration. Time scale 4-6weeks. Price for example w124 all wood trim 350£+uk delivery w140 370£......if any one interesting can help )
  4. markjay

    Damage to wood trim lacquer

    See attached photo... it looks like condensation or haze but it is in fact scratches to the top coat. Someone must have tried cleaning it using the wrong materials. What's the best way of sorting it, short of buying a second-hand ash tray cover from eBay (which would be my next move if I fail...
  5. CLSMark

    Wrapping the wood trim.

    Has anyone done this? I think the wood looks a bit pants, I've seen a few google images of eBay carbon fibre wrap over the top, looked quite good I thought. Thoughts/opinions anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. gunning

    W219 Wood removal help!!

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if anyone has taken all the wood out to have work done to it, and how to do it please? It's mainly the rear part and big slab I need to know how to take off. Many thanks in advance!
  7. D

    W124 walnut wood

    Hi, I'm in need of a walnut heater control surround, the wood trim above the radio It needs to be non air con and for an estate, i.e. Three cutouts on the left, one centre and one on the right for the buttons I also need a walnut ashtray for the same vehicle Thanks a lot
  8. DanMorgan

    W210 Avantgarde Wood Gear Selector

    I believe they are either on Jap/US/German specced W210's but worth a shot. Can't find any for sale on eBay Like this:
  9. WDB124066

    90's Zebrano Wood Leather Steering Wheel.

    Quite a rare feature on this car makes it almost worth buying the car for the wheel alone.... Mercedes-Benz 300 E 1992 | Trade Me
  10. R129Melvin

    R129 facelift drivers side doorcard - Grey /dark wood

    The handle is worn but otherwise in generally good condition. I have seen used ones on Ebay for over £250 but I will take £80 cash on collection.
  11. W

    Any recommendations for exterior wood finish/woodstain?

    Hi Gang, Looking to refinish some wood cladding on a small part of the house outside. It's pine T&G which has been stained in dark woodstain - Sadolins type finish. I did refinish it a few years back in the original colour but was never too keen on it - a bit too glossy and...
  12. guydewdney

    e / cls 211 etc wood steering wheel.

    facelift (fits pre facelift too, as was on my car) steering wheel. good condition. soooooo much nicer to drive with one of these, just like my old w140 used to have. 200 quid. no offers. pic to follow.
  13. DanMorgan

    W210 Avantgarde Wood

    Sadly the previous owner caused damage to the wood whilst taking the radio out. So im on the look out for the exact same (with climate control cut out and all button)! [See attached] Thanks Dan
  14. SL300-24

    W211/ W219 Wood steering wheel for sale

    I have a very nice wood steering wheel for sale for a W211 or W219 CLS. It is black with the greenish wood that comes standard in the W211 "sport" or "avantgarde" spec. I bought it for mine but forgot mine has paddles :doh: so this wheel is for a car without them. Looking for £200 including...
  15. DanMorgan

    W124 AMG Rare Wood

    Excuse the lack of description on here but its listed on eBay. £200 to MBClub users :rock: W124 AMG Wood Set - Rare | eBay
  16. optimusprime

    RIP Victoria Wood

    VIP Victoria Wood .Miss you .You made us laugh and cry along the way.
  17. flango

    Another great comedian/comedienne dies, RIP Victoria Wood

    Comedian Victoria Wood dies aged 62 - BBC News Some amazing sketches and songs over her career and will be sadly missed RIP Victoria
  18. P

    wood trim

    can i spraycan my wood trim ther are cracked and very bad color so if i spray them they look good
  19. M

    Mercedes wood and leather steering wheel

    Wood and leather steering wheel removed from a 124 should fit 210 129 140 very good condition 400 mm looking for £185
  20. Pathewolf

    Interior Wood Re-Trim

    I am not big fan of the wood interior of my W210 and I a thinking of changing it to Gloss/ Ebony black! Has anyone else changed their interior wood on W210 or a similar aged car? I have seen a 2002 CL with a black gloss finish and it looked really nice in my opinion! I am not sure about the...
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