1. Jessiedog

    E55 W211 left hand number plate light not working

    Hi There... I recently received the dreaded malfunction warning on my cluster informing me that my left hand read number plate light is not working. I finally got around to checking it out, was hoping that it was just the bulb. Anyway I swapped the light and fitting over from right to...
  2. C

    2012 C63 AMG dab stereo not working

    I've seen the threads about unplugging something under the back seat to reactivate the dab, but I'm not sure if this applies to my car or even how to get the back seat out. To be clear, I'm getting dab not available displaying on the dash. Can anyone help talk me through what I need to do please?
  3. Leesanderson

    Aux port not working?

    Evening all, new to the forum and also Mercedes! I have a 2010 clc which has an aux port in the wall of the glovebox, I have plugged my phone into this and nothing happens to the stereo, am I doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance, Lee
  4. W

    E220 cabriolet roof no working

    Two weeks ago I bought a 2013 E220 cabriolet and at that time the roof was working perfectly. On my first attempt to open it a week ago it would not work. The connection to the front screen detached and the storage lid opened slightly. There was a whirring sound for a few seconds and then...
  5. Y

    Dash lights & gauges not working.

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2001 vito which developed this fault the other day. Which is dash lights and gauges not working. This happen on Monday morning it was a cold & frosty. This has happen before when the battery goes flat or disconnected but started working after a short while. This has not...
  6. s2oty

    Clk 430 command TV not working

    My 2001 208 clk430 has command and lingtronic but the TV inst working. It says NO TV. Any views on why this is the case or what I need to do to resolve? Scott
  7. Frostytel

    drivers side xenon not working

    :wallbash:Think my ballast unit may have packed up, have fitted new bulb no change, swapped igniter modules from one side to the other still no change however the module from the side that wasn't working works when fitted to the bulb on the good side ...... When first investigating problem I...
  8. B

    W169 Rear indicator not working after bulb change

    Hi all, I noticed that the rear indicator bulbs were more white than orange so I decided to replace it. I removed the old bulb and although it was dark, replaced it with a newer bulb from my spare bulb box. It worked fine and I refitted the bulb holder in the cluster but wasn't satisfied that it...
  9. poormansporsche

    Retrofit C43 fogs ? Not working

    Evening all. I have a prefacelift 202 to which I've added a C43 bumper with fogs. I have the piggyback looms that plugs into the back of my headlights. Its all connected fine but the fogs don't illuminate. I'm not sure if the c43 had xenon's could this make a difference to the looms as...
  10. M

    Vito sport x interior lights not working

    Hi all, newbie to the merc gang here. Just bought a Vito sport 2009 but I can't get any of the front interior lights to work and the rear ones to work off the door, only the switch on the dash. Does anybody know of any common problems please? The door courtesy lights work and the dash wakes...
  11. E

    Loss of power and then working after putting box in manual W211 E 320

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, this morning I was driving to work 20-25 mins of mixed roads and when I over took someone then was a loss of power! There then was a loss of power on the journey to work. It was not going over a certain amount or revs and in my opinion was slower, although I...
  12. Harrythedog

    Ambient Lighting not working

    Good evening chaps, As per the title. I've gone through the appropriate menus, the selection is on and the setting is level 5 but it ain't working. Is there an override switch in the cabin. I've checked the manual and can't seem to find one Thanks
  13. D

    Anybody working in Manufacturing?

    Hoping somebody here can help with the following. As some of you may recall, my teenage son was taken ill with blood cancer back in 2012. Covered in detail here. For everything and a day. He's 3 years into remission (with quite a few scares along the way). Last year he was fortunate...
  14. J

    W209 clk220 cooling fan not working

    I have a clk 220 it seems now that the cooling fan has stopped working, the engine temperature is correct, the temp sender has been replaced,it's been put on an OBD scanner and it is saying no signal from sensor, we run the test on OBD scanner and the fan powered up correctly any ideas?
  15. Harrythedog

    Dab radio not working

    Afternoon chaps. Driving today listening to a DAB station when there is a very loud buzzing and the station goes off. All other systems on the Comand work as well as FM stations but nothing on the DAB settings, any ideas? Thanks
  16. E

    wipers not working correctly

    Hi all I had my windscreen replaced last week by autoglass. Only noticed yesterday but the intermittent level is not working to the correct setting. How can I rectify this problem?
  17. H

    Passenger seat not working

    Hi all, I have just purchased a clk 320 convertible. The passenger seat worked fine until couple of days ago. It is currently all the way forward and when I press the the door buttons nothing from anywhere and I can't hear any motors either. Also the seat back now only tilts forward but does not...
  18. E

    Glove box light not working w207

    Hi all Just noticed my glove box light is not working, changed the bulb still not working. Also the keys were in the ignition with engine switched on and still not working. Any ideas anyone?
  19. J

    Super charger not working? CLK 230 2001

    Hi New on here. We have a convertible CLK 230 2001 and we think the super charger is not working. When you pull away it is quite jerky and sluggish (sometimes!) We have had it plugged in with a merc specialist as the orange engine management light was on, and he said we needed a recirculating...
  20. H

    cigar lighter stopped working

    Hi, I have a 6 year old e220 estate. The driver cigar lighter has stopped working but socket in luggage area is ok. Does front one have a fuse anywhere, ? If yes, where please. H
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