1. clk320x

    AC works for a bit?

    Hey guys The AC in my Clk works for a while maybe 10 mins? Then gradually starts warming up and then seems like ambient air blows out Am I right in thinking a regas should sort this? When it works it's nice n cold, and this has happened a few times Cheers
  2. M

    Chinese Carsoft multiplexer which works!

    Just in case this is of any use to anybody - I've found a cheap Chinese ripoff of the Carsoft 7.4 multiplexer which actually works :thumb: And even better, it's only £42.70! What you'll need to get it working: One of these: Mercedes MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer A laptop or PC running Windows XP...
  3. sssammm

    C63 works

    My C63 is in having the Secondaries removed, Map and Quaife Collect Saturday morning, hope it dont snow!
  4. M

    SAP V4 works with Samsung S4 Mini

    MY Sap V4 works very well with the Samsung S4 Mini (no rooting required) Has anyone used a Samsung S5 Mini ?
  5. J

    C208 Heater blower only works with engine off?

    Hi guys. New to the forum. I just bought a 1999 CLK 230 Kompressor (C208). It's a bit of an old duffer. I'm having a bit of a strange problem with it... The heater blower wasn't working when I got it. After reading the forums here, I pulled the motor and rotated the brushes, which got it...
  6. Giantvanman

    Anyone looking for a van for work?

    Mercedes-Benz Viano 3.0 CDI Avantgarde Compact MPV 5dr CUSTOM INTERIOR 2014 | eBay
  7. whitenemesis

    How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

    Some, well in fact all, the stats on these projectiles are simply mind blowing :eek: The supercharger takes 600hp from the engine to generate 50psi manifold pressure! The fuel line is 2.5" in diameter and the fuel pump delivers 100 gallons per minute. The engine map is only loaded seconds...
  8. D

    How do I know if alarm works?

    Mights sound silly, but I assumed it worked ok (and am aware of problems with older alarms etc). I have never actually tested it, but recently left my dog in back for couple of minutes (and never even thought about alarm), and when I returned the hazards were going. No noise or anything, so do...
  9. N

    cl500 w215 2000 x air con only works on passenger side help

    Hi just had my air con re gassed, then i re set the fault thing below the tuner, now im only getting cold air from the passenger side and i dont think its as cold as it should be, it did work straight after the re gas that was two weeks ago but now it just doesn't seem right any ideas has...
  10. B

    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: HOPE THIS HELPS :bannana:
  11. B

    This is a vin decoder that works

    VIN decoder is the best online tool to check vin number | :thumb: hope this helps you :bannana:
  12. moonloops

    My car only works during the day..

    Does not work at night.. :D
  13. B

    RF lock/unlock works in cold weather only ?

    Hello all, Problem RF lock/unlock misbehaving I am reduced to locking/unlocking my car via IR only, for a while now. However, recently as the cold weather has arrived the RF suddenly has started to work again but only if the temperature outside or inside the car remains at or roughly below...
  14. A

    drivers window only works on mirrror switch

    I have a merc cl500 w215 2002 in my workshop and have a problem with the drivers window and door mirror, The customer forced the door mirror out when it would not fold out on it own, the the drivers window will only go up and down on the mirror adjustment switch, if you press on of the window...
  15. P

    SAP V2 works well with Blackberry Q10

    Thought I might have made mistake getting a V2 SAP module. Seems that rSAP in the latest blackberrys is compatible with the V2 modules. Thought I would pass on. Using a NTG 4 COMAND unit. Might be asking why? 1. Minimal Battery drain 2. Utilises the external car aerial 3. Allows SMS...
  16. V

    which hid kit works error free on a vito w639 van?

    I have some aftermarket projector headlights and their designed to take hids but the vito van apparently has a sensitive canbus system... so just need to know which 35w H1 canbus kit? or do i need to stick close to original wattage of 55w? canbus or non-canbus? to stop any error messages...
  17. C

    xenon headlamp issue - n/s works o/s failed

    Hi All, I bought a lovely 2005 W211 E320cdi a while ago and due to family reasons, had to store it for a few months without using it. Now I want to use it and have a faulty o/s xenon headlamp (low/dip beam). The nearside is fine. I changed the bulb to no avail and then changed the balast over...
  18. Rctaylor1966

    Moved from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3 Mini on W246 Audio 20 and SMS notification works

    Ell my iPhone 4s finally died and I decided to go down the Android route I was pleasantly surprised to find the car links in via Bluetooth to the phone and it all works first time i.e. Phone, Contacts, SMS and Music Streaming Seems the issue was with iPhone after all. :-)
  19. Simon_M

    Mini John Cooper Works 2010

    Mini Factory John Cooper Works Midnight Metallic Black with Matt Red Viper Stripes Registered June 29th 2010 Full Mini Service History TLC Servicing package until June 2015 Comprehensive Mini Warranty until end of June 2014 22000 miles Tyres all have around 4-6mm tread left Wheels have...
  20. W

    W221 S Class - COMMAND not functional - no audio but nav works

    Hi all, Basically I hadn't driven the car for a couple of weeks, and the batteries probably ran a bit low. It took much longer than usual to start and lots of warning lights were on, but after a blip of the throttle they were gone. However, the COMMAND hasn't been right since. - In...
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