1. R

    R107 280SL workshop Manual

    Hi all, Have just acquired a 1982 R107 280SL and am now on the lookout for a workshop manual to assist with a couple of jobs that I need doing to her, can anyone out there advise on a possible source, I've seen a couple of Haynes manuals but they only seem to cover the V8 models. Many...
  2. D

    Sl500 r230 battery alert visit workshop? - batteries working

    Hi all, The instrument cluster on my SL has been illuminating of late in the Red Alert mode, the left cluster shows the Battery icon whilst the other states "Visit Workshop". The issue being is that nothing seems to be amiss. Both the starter and the consumers batteries are performing as they...
  3. 5

    Need a 2005 CLS 55 amg workshop manual

    HI guys has anyone got a link for a workshop manual for the 2005 cls 55amg?
  4. Alex225

    Visit Workshop - Battery

    I did have a search to see what I could find on here and it seems that this error, likely/possibly correlates to the battery in the front being knackered? So I got myself a replacement battery. The main one was changed last year and although I know that sometimes needs a charge due to...
  5. C

    Workshop manual for cls

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent workshop manual for the cls? Don't have a cd so would have to be a download version
  6. A

    Cls Workshop manual .

    Hi, I have a 2006 Cls with just 24,500 miles on it and I am wonder if the emanual on line would be a good buy and is it hard to download or is there an alternative to buy.
  7. DanMorgan

    Hemmels - W113 and 300SL - Impressive Workshop!

    I went to the Hemmels open day last night in Cardiff as they reveal their workshop. They had five W113's all at different stages of their restorations and of course their immaculate workshop! I wrote on my Mercedes Blog more detail with lots of photos :rock: If you are near the Cardiff...
  8. D

    C220 S204 workshop manual

    Hi does anybody know where I can download a manual for a 2011 c220 cdi. I have a major water leak somewhere on the right hand side of the engine. I believe it could be the egr cooler seals. but would like a manual before I tackle it.

    Visit workshop battery symbol.

    Hey guys. I have recently started getting a red visit workshop battery symbol on my 2003 clk270. I checked the battery and it was faulty so replaced it yesterday for a new one but again today I started getting the notification. It comes up repeatedly and goes away after a few seconds...
  10. D

    Workshop safety - kids

    Am after advice regarding the safety of a new home workshop I am building The workshop is going to contain some pretty dangerous tools, table saw, chop saw band saw etc. I am putting a stable door on it so as my 7 and 8 year old can't get in but can attract my attention when I'm working in...
  11. H

    workshop repair manual w169

    someone has the repair manual for A class w169 ???
  12. F

    W211 visit workshop red battery

    Hi all W211 e320cdi. Had a red warning light on now for a while so thought id buy some new batteries. Bought a new 019 battery for the rear and a ytx14 for the front. I have checked the polyfuse and it was good. Checked the wiring from bcm to polyfuse and the both had continuity. Changed the...
  13. BlackC55

    Benz on The Green - PCS Workshop offers 2017

    Benz on The Green workshop offers for 2017 ATF Change - 5 speed £145, 7 speed £150 AC Re-gas £35 Software updates direct from Mercedes £20 per update Vehicle check over £10 (£5 extra if you would like to include STAR Diagnosis at the same time) STAR Diagnosis only £10 **NEW...
  14. D

    W639 viano brake force distribution!!! Visit workshop warning

    Hi, I have had this warning come up on the dash of my 2007 Viano, also showing ABS! etc, has had recent discs and pads all round. has anybody had this type of error before? any ideas thanks :wallbash:
  15. T

    W220 ABS ESP Fault Visit Workshop

    Hi I have a sort of simple question to ask for assistant for please but guess best to start from beginning. I had a ball joint that needed replacing on the front off side suspension (lower outer). I took everything apart making sure the speed sensor was protected and tried to ensure the...
  16. P

    w204 Air bag Warning - Fornt right malfunction consult workshop

    C220 cdi w204 002 My engine was running while i was cleaning the air vent with air con cleaner, some foam spill over to the back of the driver's seat. Bought a icarsoft i980 on ebay but it did not have the airbag reset option for my car, anyone can suggest any reset tool that can support...
  17. R

    W203 2005/55 ESP Inactive - Visit workshop

    Hi chaps, recently the ESP Inactive light has come on and i've had it plugged in and it's saying that it's the steering angle sensor. Now, I got alot of work done to the car replacing ball joints and a passenger track rod end - since then the light has appeared, the tracking was out slightly and...
  18. pmcgsmurf

    DSB Digital Service Book Access for Independent Workshop ?

    Hi folks What's the latest with Digital Service Booklet (DSB) access for an independent workshop? We are registered for EPC & WIS access and noticed that according to the Daimler Benz Service page all we need is a MB Customer Number to register for DSB access. Asked our local dealer that we...
  19. Gollom

    Peter Russek W163 workshop manual

    Are these any good? More interested in basic user maintenance, trim, electronics, panels etc. than "oily bits" (prefer to leave them to my MB mechanic!)
  20. E

    Quick pat on the back for a workshop. South Coast:

    My 2012 PPP C63 was due a B service and transmission flush in a couple of months (I'm at 31k miles currently) but i normally get the jobs done early so I know everything is A-Ok. I got the obligatory quote from MB and nearly choked at a £1050 bill for a job that didn't even include plugs or...
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