1. ringway

    What's the best or worst thing you have ever bought?

    What have you got that you couldn't do without? It may be something used on a daily basis or something that is just used occasionally, but well worth the purchase price. For me, the Dyson Vacuum cleaner and used Miele dishwasher, both of which are heavily abused by Mrs Ringway have been...
  2. reflexboy

    Worst badged Mercedes?

    Currently on holiday in Mallorca and spotted this whilst visiting Cala Millor. For those of you whom are not familiar with this model, it's an "0222 CLK", W202!!!
  3. Alexf

    Worst Cars Of All Time

    Worst Cars Of All Time Thread Inspired by CLSMark disgust at the Range Rover Evoque I introduce the Worst Cars Of All Time thread! Post pictures of cars you truly despise, be it their ability, appearance or modifications. Vent that rage :devil:
  4. A

    Worst air filter you have seen?

    I just check my air filter after it been serviced. 3 year old car with fully MB service history. See attached
  5. moonloops

    Worst car in the world?

    NSFW due to swears :cool: https://youtu.be/Y16ObVRvgOE
  6. J

    W202 - Worst MB car ever?

    As much as i love the benz brand i cannot help but feel buyers of his w202 were ripped off. I bought a 1998 C200 with only 48k miles with full MB service history - a completely immaculate car. The car now has 63 miles on it but ill list all the stuff that has gone wrong with it Failure of...
  7. P

    Worst problem to date.. Need some help

    H7 car is w221 s320 cdi wirhout xenon, dipped beam h7 High beam h9 My h7 socket was Melted and damaged, and i Saw it has 1 Yellow wire and 2 Brown wires, unable to find the correct part number i purchased The socket for w210 h7, This has 1 Brown 1 Yellow wire. The Melted socket was causing...
  8. K

    S320 CDI problem, worst two days of my life (Spawning from faulty alternator).

    This weekend my girlfriend and I were headed on holidays in my new car I bought for £1200, an S320 CDI (2001), when the car just cut out when I put the boot down on it. Red lights flashed in front of me saying power problem, battery problem, not able to start. I did my research and found out...
  9. I

    Worst sales images ever?

    Volvo 240 - Volvo - Carros Usados e Novos - Moita | ocasião I have never seen worse! An absolute belter. Maybe he's got a sentimental attachment to the car, but the wife has had enough. "Jose, that sodding car needs to go, the neighbours are sniggering" "Don't worry Fatima, my...
  10. dan-mb

    Worst looking modified SL (R230) for sale

    How could some one do this to their SL :fail Mercedes-Benz SL SL500 2dr Convertible (SL63/SL65 AMG Style Body Kit) MASSIVE SPEC 5.0
  11. HB

    Worst Top Gear ever tonight

    The worst Top Gear I've seen ever. Your comments please
  12. Palfrem

    The world's worst wrap?

    Used 2015 Mercedes-Benz G Class 16V CLUB for sale in Uk | Pistonheads £364,958 plus VAT!!! And left hand drive Madness.
  13. E

    Worst ever

    How on earth did this person get a licence? HYcsW48HHXM
  14. Reggie-rock

    What's the best and the worst Christmas presents you've been given?

    It all happened one Christmas when I was about 8 years old. The best was a Corgi model of a Mark 10 Jaguar in red and the worst was a leather football which is a sport I have never liked or played.
  15. developer

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    I'm not sure it this has been done before - but I thought it may be fun to do again, even if it's a resurrect. Similar to Scott's scrapyard thread, but with the cars/bikes not quite so dead. The only rule being that it must be something that you've seen on the road or out and about, and not...
  16. Nasco12

    ABS light: what's the worst it could be?

    I am currently looking for a decent Merc under £1000. Today I saw a reasonably nice pre-facelift W202 C200 but when I took it for a test drive the ABS light came on. I walked away. The question is should I have? What's the worst it could be?
  17. tali

    Worst Polluting Car Cities uk

    London cars are worst polluters: Vehicles emit a quarter more carbon dioxide per kilometre than those in Peterborough* | Daily Mail Online Some of the major cities not in there?
  18. C

    Mercedes UK The WORST Service EVER!

    I am absolutely astonished at the laziness, incompetence and lack of service from Mercedes UK and their dealers. I decided to change from a BMW X5M to Mercedes AMG ML63, when I saw a nearly new one advertised at a local dealer I went to look at it, first visit car wasn't there!! Second visit...
  19. lordlee

    Worst R230 ever??

    Holy mother of god.... Mercedes Benz R230 SL AMG ABC Hydraulic Fluid?& Filter Change ??? ?? ??? + ???? ?? - YoutubeRepeat.org - Repeat Youtube Videos
  20. Howard

    Worst GT driver ever ? :D

    Vadim Kogay - The race of my life [Monza 2014] - YouTube
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