2.5 16v 190e cosworth blown lump

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I know I've missed the boat on these and my chance of a bit of fun with a 190 Cosworth for sub £5k has gone now because once stuff like this starts ballooning then you're always scared to drive them. I do check in on the 190 forum from time to time but there's little for me to glean value wise; classic car owners only ever talk the value up of their cars and proclaim their intelligence in the matter after saying the same thing for the past ten years, very similar to bar room property developers who own one house and make out they're Donald Trump by way of pure chance.

Anyway, I digress, if they really are making over £10k for good ones then it's not a game I'd want to get sucked into, there are far more suitable cars I would throw that kind of money at than something is not really be able to drive for fear of losing value etc
I wouldn't be scared of driving one if you're looking at cars in the £6-8k bracket. The £7995 car you linked to had 134k so a few k more is hardly going to affect its value or condition if you maintain it well :)

Price wise I don't think anyone really controls their value. The cars will find their own price point by way of supply and demand. To be honest I think you probably have missed the boat as values have probably doubled since you first talked about buying one. I've bought six and sold four over the years so have a bit of experience from both sides of the fence :thumb:

In all honesty, Cosworth 190s have been good value for quite a few years now. They were expensive cars back in the day, well made and great fun to drive. I don't see them as expensive now pitched against similar performance icons of the 80s and 90s. Have a look at other collectables - I think they've been undervalued for years personally and even now look cheap compared to some (E30 M3!)

The last one I sold was over 4 years ago and if I could buy that back for what I let it go for it would seem like a bargain today.
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i have 89g reg 190e cosworth been stood for 12 years or so engine ran last time i started it quiet bit of rust rear 1/4 panels ect do i break it or restore realy like to restore
Depends how deep your pockets are? Well restored ones reach good money

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