8.5 x 18" AMG Style V wheels on CLK ?

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Oct 16, 2003
CLK230 convertible

Could someone please tell me if it is possible to fit 8.5 x 18" AMG Style V wheels onto a CLK230 ( it's has the AMG body kit if that makes any difference ).

Would any modifications need to be made ? If it's possible what size tyres would be best ?

Thanks so much for any advice, would love the wheels but as I know absolutley nothing about the technicalities involved I don't want to mess up ........
AMG Style V wheels? I looked in my AMG accessories book and they do not have a style V wheel. What do they look like?

The only 18x8.5 that Mercedes recommends on the front and rear are the Style IV multipiece (double spokes) and the tire they recommend is the 225/40.

Hope this helps.
CLK wheels

Iv'e got 18inchers on my CLK 320 - 225 x 40's on the front
255 x 35's on the back they look awsome, with no fitment problems, ----

go on do it.

Thanks for the replies !! Sorry it has taken me five months to respond ( believe me, it's a long story ! ).

So, can I put these wheels on my 2002 CLK 230 convertible ? Some people say yes, some say no and I still have absolutely no idea !!

AMG Styling 5 ( 18x8.5 ), I think they are also called AMG 230 and can be found at www.tiretrack.com and www.performancealloys.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated !
I have a set of 18" AMG style III brand new off a SL500.
PM is you need more details.

I've got 18" AMG Wheels on my CLK - its a 209 series though. If yours is the 208 series you might want to be careful - I know some of the bigger wheels have warnings in the brochure at my local dealers. The AMG wheels for the 208 series are 17".

Style 3 & 4 (single / multi spoke) are the ones recommended for the 209 series - look great. I have the Style 3 wheels.

Style 5 btw is for the SL technically - its the turbine wheels !! nice !!

saorbust said:
Style 5 btw is for the SL technically - its the turbine wheels !! nice !!
Yes, the styling V is the 22 spoke wheel! Very nice! :)
I know the wheels are supposed to be on an SL, but they just look so good !! I just can't seem to find a wheel that compares for the my CLK, if I could, I'd just get them and begone with the worry !!

I suppose I need to find a definitive answer. They are not cheap and I don't wont to get a set of wheels that bodge up my car ( I've heard the wrong wheels can mess up the speedo etc ). I know Mercedes don't want to do it as I suspect they like to keep the SL wheels on an SL etc, etc, but maybe I should just take their "no" for an answer ( even though some people have said it's no problem but I then suspect they just want to sell me the wheels ! ). Mmmm it's like being in love with someone who you know deep down is "wrong" for you !!

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