1. Dizz

    Can't turn off air con

    I have just bought a 2004 CLK320 w209 and what ever I do the air-con seems to be on. What am I doing/not doing? This is off? This is on?
  2. A

    A-Class Hazard Warning lights won't turn off

    Hi members, I'm hoping this is a quick fix. The battery on my A-Class was flat this morning and when I started the car using battery leads the hazard warning lights came on and stayed on. If I disconnect the battery then reconnect it they do go off. But come back on one again as soon...
  3. GLK

    A little project - W169 flexi DRLs / Turn Signal mod

    I wanted to see how easy it is to fit the newish style changeable DRLs (those flexible ones that turn yellow when you indicate) into a W169 headlamp, and whether that will look OEM-ish The trial headlamp unit was kindly donated by David Richardson (don't worry, he's not driving around with...
  4. J

    Pinched my ride: supercars stolen by the dozen from UK turn up in Thailand

  5. -AJC-

    2006 ML W164 - LED DRL / Turn indicator

    I've seen these LED DRL / Turn Indicators on YouTube and want to retrofit to my car. I think they look very OEM and don't ruin the look of the car or require any modifications to the front bumper. Here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxIhjoYy9MY I haven't visited...
  6. N

    C180 coupe won't turn over.......?

    I recently purchased a C180 coupe it has been stood for about 8 months, it was put through its mot and then just parked, "It will not turn over" the ignition turns on, everything works as it should but won't turn over, I was told it was probably the EIS unit by an auto electrician who carried...
  7. R

    Ignition key won't turn

    Morning All, new fish here. Tremendous resource this site, wish I'd thought to look for it 5 years ago! I've a gremlin with an intermittent twist that might just cause heart failure if I cant get some quality advice...hence my joining the forum. I have an 02 plate C270 estate which has...
  8. T

    W211 Wipers Only Work On Right Turn

    Hi, I am new to this website and I am grateful for any advice. My E270cdi has developed a fault with the wiper blades. The will not work on any setting at all. However if the stalk is lifted up as in turning right the wipers works as they should (speed sensitive/medium/fast) Has anybody...
  9. P

    W213 headlight wouldn't turn off (yes, off!)

    Driving to work in rain today and after about an hour I got two warnings come up. Intelligent light system inoperative and at same time a lamp symbol with Right Hand Dipped underneath. Thought that right front light had failed. Pulled close to car in front whilst waiting at lights and all my...
  10. F

    Can't turn alarm off

    Alarm went off and wouldn't turn off even with engine running? Eventually it stopped on its own. No lights flashing just siren going off. Anyone any idea what this could be? Car is E class 250d Thanks
  11. L

    COMMAND turn on itself

    Hi all, sorry about new thread but couldn't find similar. Got CLS320CDi 57reg(C219) Just few days ago found that my command playing up a bit. Firstly was asking about disc for my sat nav(please insert sat nav disc) and then 2 days ago found my command working when came back to my car after...
  12. F

    Left Mirror, Turn Signal

    Hi there, I have a 2007 C Class (W203) and I received a message on my dash saying "left mirror, turn signal" and when I use my left turn signal, it flashes/clicks quicker than usual. But when I get out and check it, it works perfectly fine. Additional info 1: the outside plastic of the turn...
  13. I

    W124 Multiple sqeal - turn and straight

    Hi All, After about ten minutes a high pitched squeal comes from what seems to be front left, varying pitch. Brake and it goes/changes pitch and goes, comes straight back or goes for twenty miles. Turn left during its squeaky moments and it gets worse. I thought it was brakes, but the change...
  14. D

    Does Pentosin turn yellow?

    Power steering fluid is low so bought some Febi green stuff from GSF that is supposed to be an alternative to Pentosin. Before topping up the reservoir I thought I better check the colour of the liquid that's in there and turns out it's yellow. I didn't put the Febi stuff in in case there was...
  15. D

    W164 ML 320 Parktronic wont turn on

    I have a W164 ML 320 with a Parktronic system that has suddenly stopped working. The indicator lights flash once when the car is started but when accessing the onboard menu the Parktronic is displayed as being off. Trying to use the + and - on the steering wheel to turn it back to on has no...
  16. B

    W220 Ignition Key will not turn???

    Well the problems continue with this 2002 W220 S320 , on Sunday the Ignition Key stopped working, it flashes when I press the buttons but will not turn in the ignition nor does it operate the central locking, its like the car does not see the key? Have checked the main car battery and that is...
  17. 1

    W639 Turn signal switch wiring

    Does anyone have the 6-pin connector pinout for Vitos switch A639 5450 124? Also any guides on how to get to these pins without pulling switch...where does this connector's wire harness continue? Any info would be much appreciated! Timo
  18. Lenny63

    How to turn engine over without starting (firing)

    Hi My c43 has been sitting for 6months now unstarted in storage Is there a way I can disconnect the spark to stop engine firing up , to allow a few cranks to get oil flowing / build oil pressure ? My first thoughts were to remove the fuel pump fuse ? Any help appreciated Lenny
  19. T

    What Car - tide starting to turn

    As long as I can remember, to me What Car always seem to have a special "thing" for BMWs (and Ford). Well, looks like things are changing if March's edition is anything to go by. Three side-by-side tests 1)Audi Avant V BWM 3 series Touring V Merc C220d estate 1st the Audi, 2nd the Merc, 3rd...
  20. C

    clk 230 key wont turn in ignition

    Hi all, any help & advice would be appreciated!! I have a 2001 clk230 kompressor coupe, no problems with it at all until now. Every now & then when I put the key in the ignition it won't turn at all. When it happens I usually just leave it alone and the next day it will be fine but it's now...
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