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May 6, 2021
W212 E63 Amg S
I'm super tempted to make my next car a A205 C63s cabriolet instead of going for the s213 e63s. Clearly the E63s is the better overall car by quite a margin but there's something about driving this monster with the top down that has my serious interest. Any c63 convertible owners on here that can chime in on their experience with the hairdresser c63 version ?
If you want a convertible and like the E class have you tried the E53 ?

C63 is probably a better car the convertible are wide like the coupes, but the E53 will probably have a better interior

Both good cars
I love an E, spent this week with a beautiful 63s estate, but they are a big machine. The C is a step down in quality of fit and finish but the size of the C just makes them so much more “chuckable”. I have a couple of customers with C63 convertibles, and they love ‘em.
Suggestions of a V6? Buy the V8. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
Thanks both ,
E63 or E63s, more spacious, 4matic as standard 🙂

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Was thinking convertibles. The car in that video is stunning and has distronic too 😍

Sadly no 213 e63 convertible. I've been eyeing up 213s since they first came out. I went for the c63s because it was rwd and smaller and had a bit of regret in 2018 as the E is immense. Recently I was close to pulling the trigger on a 213 but someone bought it first. I ended up going M car route and because of the thrill the e93 M3 is giving me with the roof down, I predicted that a c63s vert will be next level on theatre and craziness. Sadly I need a 4 seater convertible so cars like the 6.2l SL are off the cards or would have been something else with a modded exhaust. There's also the clk 63 with 4 seats but they forgot to put quad exhausts on it ...

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