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Nov 20, 2015
Hello guys. I'm the owner of a MercedesBenz E200 made in 2000, 85kw.
I recently got in trouble with the ABS/ESP/BAS. So first when it started to show after restarting the car it would go, but now it won't go ever. I checked the speed sensors it seems like they're fine. This happens when I was going to run out of battery and then I had to leave my place and come over after 1year. When I tryed to start the car it was out of battery, then I borrowed my father battery and start my car and with the engine started I changed the batteries again, after that I went to buy a new one. I changed it and everything is OK. I reinitialised the sensor angle by doin' it Left-Right and then center. But nothing happens:dk:. I went to a diagnostic and it tried to delete all the errors, but surprise it won't delete the "C1140 - Steering angle sensor" it went to live data and when I was moving my wheel it won't show anything just "-720o". I think it might be the sensor, but sometimes when I start the car it won't show me the error untill I press the brake or take to left or right. I also changed once the lighting switch.
Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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