Boot latches ok but does not lock (cls w219) - key lock drilled?

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Dec 11, 2008
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
Hi all. I had a small success at the week end (given that my car is currently undrivable due to suspension collapse :rolleyes:)and managed to get the auto close boot (trunk) feature and boot release button to work. Basically I found 5 wires were severed in the boot hinge wiring loom. But I also noticed that the manual key lock has been drilled in the past (lost keys perhaps?). Anyway, I wonder if anyone knows if that drilling would affect the boot not locking on the remote by central locking? The car locks fine but I can still open the boot and when I do the hazard warning lights start blinking as though the alarm has been triggered (no siren tho). I have a Icarsoft v2 arriving soon so maybe that will give clues (thanks the killerhertz for the discount code btw).
Cheers 👍

Pics are the drilled boot lock and the severed repaired wires

PS Maybe one of the other wires is broken but not on the outside? Does the harness unplug at both ends for continuity testing??


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Someone may say yes, someone may say no. I’m afraid you’re going to have to diagnose this one yourself as nobody can tell what damage has been done.
My ML 350 tailgate will not unlock unless I do it manually from the inside. It locks centrally but not the opposite. Any ideas?
Perhaps the dealership or a MB specialist could give you the correct answer you need?

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