BT issue W205

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May 17, 2023

I recently added an Android head unit with a 12.3-inch screen to my car, but the device outputs audio through an AUX male connector, which my car doesn't have. To address this issue, I purchased a custom-coded AUX female to USB cable from the seller. Unfortunately, I found the audio quality to be subpar, and there were noticeable lags in the setup.

To resolve this issue, I'm now exploring the possibility of using an AUX Bluetooth transmitter to transmit audio from the Android device back to my car's Bluetooth system. However, my attempts with seven different transmitters have been unsuccessful so far. The devices either show a "Bluetooth authorization failed" error message or are unable to detect the Android device. I have read that this may be due to the Bluetooth transmitter being unable to confirm the passkey provided by my car's Bluetooth system. If anyone has experience with a successful AUX Bluetooth transmitter, I would appreciate any advice.

In addition, I am experiencing crackling noises while using Waze and Spotify simultaneously through Carplay on my Android head unit. The problem occurs whenever Waze gives voice directions, whereas the music works fine otherwise. I would be grateful if someone could suggest a workaround or solution to fix this issue.

Thank you.
Did your car have COMAND or Audio-20 (Audio-20 has the SD card navigation, COMAND has an internal hard disk)

Yes. I asked because the COMAND actually has a hidden AUX that can be coded in which works really well. We use a high quality USB-AUX/Noise suppressor when connecting CarPlay units to Audio-20. But we won't fit those android head units as its too much trouble and problems ...

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