Comand Aux Input?

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Aug 30, 2014
C250 CDI BLue Efficiency

I've recently bought a 2010 C250 CDI Blue Efficiency which I think is the W204 model? First impressions of the car are fantastic - it seems to easily out-perform my last car (a VW passat CC), is more comfortable, has more gadgets and is far more economical as well:thumb:
It has a COMAND system installed and the screen has an AUX input tab but I can't seem to find an aux input jack anywhere?!! Ive checked the glove compartment (which has a 12v 'cigarette lighter' type socket) and the centre console.
For info if it helps, the sat nav system is a 2011-2012 version 9.0

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!:D

Cheers in advance
No 3,5 mm socket next to the power plug?
Not sure and it may have been an option to add but the media interface socket is a oblong socket about 1cm long into which you plug in one of three leads for 30 pin apple, USB and aux leads.

Do you have a socket like that in the glove box or centre consol?
You can either add the full media interface or the standard ipod kit to that vehicle.

Costs vary depending on which one you go for £450/£225 (kit) or if you go for installed or self install.

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