cracks in yokohama tyres

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Mar 5, 2011
E 220 coupe sport
Just had a B service and was told tyres are fine lots of tread left so nothing to replace.
A week later the wheels are taken off to clean and i notice every tyre has cracks running right around them in the tread,The backs you can see the thread of the inner tyre.I have written to yokohama about the issue but not heard anything back.
Has anyone else had this problem with this brand.The dot code shows that tyres were only produced just over two yrs ago so it can not be down to age that they are cracking.
Has anyone else had this problem with this brand.

Nope, and been using them since 1987.

All tyres will slightly haze within the tread blocks, some worse than others, mainly harder compounds..
No problems with Yoko's either, as previously mentioned it does happen on harder compound tyres but very rarely on road tyres.
Had a similar issue on wife's then new C350 wrapped in Contis. Car had done less than 3k miles but shoulders on both front tyres were covered in hair-thin cracks. Conti arranged an independent engineer to come over and inspect the tyres, shortly after what two new replacement tyres have been offered to us. I would take lots of pictures and insist on swapping them for another pair/set. I've had Yokos on my 4x4s for a few years now, never had an issue with rubber.
very rarely on road tyres.

Just lately I've noticed many cars on car lots for sale with perished sidewalls..:eek:

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