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Jun 29, 2009
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I bought one of these tuners for the Dodge last week, primarily as a fault code reader, but also because they come with a number of preinstalled programmes to change engine (and gearbox) characteristics. Apparently you can also download custom programmes which you can "flash" into the ECU.
It also has the ability (not explored as yet) to alter the way the gearbox works (I think you can choose how long it holds on to each gear).
I flashed a performance 93 octane programme (for which you have to be running 93 octane fuel :D) 1st impressions are that it has a much more linear, smoother power delivery and is much more eager and willing to go.
I'm told also that it is possible to permenantly disable the ESP and speed limiter :bannana:.
The reason that I am posting this, is, does anyone know of a similar tuner that is available in the UK that would be able to alter Mercedes to suit individual "needs" :devil:. If it is true that the Dodge shares some of its parts (thinking gearbox) with Mercedes then something that is capable of enhancing the manual side of the semi auto might be worth looking into.

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