E63 AMGS Engine Seizure

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It is an edition 125


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Hello All,

Have not posted on here with an update for a while.
So would you believe, I bought an engine in Germany on Monday 21st August to replace the seized engine. Took 9 weeks for it to be shipped and arrive in the UK, and an extra 20% of the fee (thanks Brexit) to get it through customs.

Mechanic fits the engine, and I think this nightmare is behind me. Then earlier this week (day before I was due to pick car up), mechanic calls me to say there is an issue with the new engine as it is making a slightly odd noise. Details here Injector issues | Engine

I'd be extremely grateful if any of you could read the new thread and give me any thoughts around what could be causing the injectors to carbonize, and the engine to make strange engine note (lots of popping and crackling when on comfort mode)

Will this ever end!!

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