eBay and the deluded!

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How did you know?

His Highness had his staff deal with it so all above board and apparently an Albanian transport company will collect 🤣👌
Actually very straightforward.

One email and a telephone call, turned up precisely at the arranged time . Polite and pleasant manner, he spent 10 minutes looking over the car and the paperwork. Showed his insurance and licence (unasked for but welcome) and after a 10 minute drive was happy to buy, didn't haggle and transferred the funds immediately by bank transfer.

Transfer of ownership complete and he was on his way back to Kent with a wave and thanks for a stress free transaction.
Just had someone on eBay asking about the car despite my ending the listing last week.

I told him that I have removed it from eBay due to scammers and time wasters but and despite it being sold I was curious as to what he was up to!

His reply

"Ahh-crumbs typical eBay time wasters for you I guess !

Nonetheless, I can reassure you that I'm not the aforementioned, and that what I have to offer is this private plate which is in my possession that reads G16DMT and I was just wondering if you'd be interested in swaping for the lovely car ?

Below I have attached a screenshot of it's estimated value.

Kind regards,


He said it was worth £1295.

I told him to go and sell it then! 🙄
Advertised my L200 on autotrader. Before I saw the "live" advert my phone rang - a trader from the midlands.
He asked a few questions then paid a £250 deposit and asked me to mark the truck as "sold" on autotrader.
I googled him but there was limited information available so I was suspicous.
Said he would collect the following Mon/Tues but then followed up with a call to say that he had a cold & would collect later in the week.
Collection was later rearranged for the Thursday.
The Thursday arrived & there were mixed messages about arrival time as their driver had accepted another drop off near Dartford.
Therir driver eventually arrived at 6:30/6:40 pm and it was dark. He wanted to check for oil leaks & was unhappy about chassis rust.
Oil "leak" spotted just below oil filter which had been changed the week before so I wasn't convinced that it was actually a leak.
Chassis rust is common on these vehicles & had previously been declined by Mitsubishi a a warranty claim.
Drivers boss phoned looking for a price reduction for the oil leak & the chassis rust. I said not to worry & I would re-list the truck on autotrader & keep his deposit for the inconvienience.
He was already into paying the collection driver £250.
Within 10 minutes he was back on the phone advising that the full balance had been paid.
It took 4 days for that comeback? 🤣
Some of us have better things to do than constantly look at the Forum. Your point being?

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