Garage recommendation for those near Salisbury

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Jul 12, 2011
Near Salisbury
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As we seem to get a fair number of horror stories about poor garages and poor service I thought I would redress the balance a little and add some praise for a very good garage for those who live around the Salisbury area.

The garage in question being Skinner and Osment Ltd

I took the MB in for MOT last week and the only issue was "Front brake imbalanced across an axle"

This was caused by the offside front caliper carrier not sliding correctly, it was noted at a previous service (not carried out by the above) that one of the sliding pins was corroded, this was cleaned up and greased but corrosion had set in again.

The car was left with them on Thursday evening so they could fit it in on as and when Friday. By 14:30 they called to say it was now ready and all was well.

They had removed both caliper carriers, extracted the seized sliding pin, cleaned the carriers,replaced the pins both sides (they come in a kit of 4), changed the brake pads (Pagid brand as already fitted) because the seized carrier had caused uneven wear) and replaced the pad wear sensor.

They also put the car the car on the brake tester and carried out a road test with all of this the invoice came to just £141.25 for all parts and labour.

I was also shown the parts replaced without asking.

As an aside the car emissions figures were 0.001% for CO and 4ppm for Hydrocarbons, not bad for a 3.2L V6 Petrol at 163,000 miles :)
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