Gear selector causing pre-safe functions limited

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Jan 6, 2024
W204 c class
Hi all,
2014 w204 c class 2.1.

OK, hit Pot hole and burst the front passenger side tyre, replaced tracked, one week later cold snap hit and the battery started to die, fault showing wheel speed sensor a and lost communication with hvac module. new battery fitted by indie garage and alternator programed. Next day pre-safe functions limited showed up randomly, sometimes locking the car in park. Took to mercedes dealer 14 miles away, engine management light on when I set out after a few miles presafe functions limited came on and things slowly started to shut down lost abs and traction control, indicators, wipers, speedo, hvac and info screen and then finally power steering. Mercedes read and cleared fault codes but have not been able to recreate the fault, they've had the car 10 days, they have said it could be the gear selector £1200 but it's 60/40. The only other thing to note is the drain hole ( drivers side at the bottom of the windscreen was blocked and dripped on to the fuse box) Mercedes say fuse box is OK. Would the gear selector cause the pre-safe to kick in and do I trust there diagnostic?
Thanks in advance of any help or ideas

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