GLE350d (W166 - 2016my) - Internet connection/Internet radio

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Sep 7, 2015
West Midlands
GLE350d (W166)
Vehicle as above, query on internet connection and internet radio, sorry it's a long post.

I've tried two phones:

* Google Pixel 3 - Android 10 - April 2020 security update
* iPhone 5 iOS - 10.3.4 - this being the most recent for the iPhone 5
* Also connected the car to the home internet connection via WiFi

When setting up the internet connections on the phones everything seems to go through OK, no errors are reported and HotSpot is enabled on both phones. Looking at the internet properties in Command on the car the phones always seem to list as <offline>
The home WiFi connection does however come up as <online>

Selecting internet radio a list of radio stations appears with the currently selected marked as <playback stopped> when I select the <play> option it briefly displays <buffering> then returns to <playback stopped>, at no point does anything play.

In the Internet section selecting the browser brings up a screen that says <Internet Browser discontinued> so I assume this means MB have permanently disabled this and it's no longer intended to work.

Am I missing something, has anybody else got this working?

All comment/suggestion/opinion welcome.
Some of the functions of the Command system have been discontinued. Mercedes taking away functions which have been paid for. Check out the attached link for more info as I pursue this in Australia.
I live in the UK and own a used 1967 C350e with Audio 20 (not Comand). For the last 18 months of ownership I have had issues with the Internet function which, on numerous occasions, neither my dealer or MB Support have dealt with. They are just hopeless at software and cannot fix the issues. I give up! Which is of course what they want me to do,

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